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Thread: becoming more of a baby/little

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    Default becoming more of a baby/little

    When I started out wearing diapers again I was strictly a DL while thinking the whole baby thing was creepy. Then I became an AB/DL/sissy and I thought I was happy with just my diapers paci and plushi to be happy most of the time. Now I find that I want more baby stuff specifically a crib and a footed sleeper (and I remember never wanting one a while back), and the list is growing.
    Does anybody else feel the need for more stuff as they continue being and AB/DL or am I the only one?
    Also what do you think that could be spiking my interests in these items now?

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    I've heard a lot of people describe AB/DL as a 'gateway' kink and your experiences sound fairly typical of that. The reason it's happening now is probably just that you're being exposed to the AB side of things by your DL side. The two are very intertwined, especially online.

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    It might be useful to separate paraphilias (unchanging desires) and kinks (things we try and enjoy). They aren't exclusive, so someone could easily start out as a DL with a diaper fetish, and then explore babyhood out of curiosity or as a way to amplify the diapers. They'd either enjoy it or not. Over time, kinks might get layered over the paraphilia, complicating things.

    A next step might be becoming a sissy (because baby boys have a limited wardrobe) and/or a babyfur (because puppies and kittens are cute). Alternatively, urophilia and coprophilia might be explored. Don't worry about these. You might develop an interest in them later, but I doubt you'd develop a compulsion toward them. This is in contrast to the base paraphilia. Someone with a diaper fetish will have it whether he wants to or not. That isn't a choice. What he decides to add to the mix will be his choice.

    In this way, paraphilias in general can 'gateway' kinks.

    As for ABDLs, they tend to try other things at a higher rate than those who are into other things try ABDL practices. This makes ABDL practices a gateway kink in the sense of adding others, but not in the sense of a usual 'first kink.'

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    It's the exact same story for me! Despite often wanting to regress into a baby/toddler as a kid, I stopped feeling that way shortly after hitting puberty. From here I learned that my fascination with nappies had become sexual in nature. I identified strictly as a diaper lover for many year afterwards. In fact I temporarily disliked children for a couple of years.

    It wasn't until I reached eighteen years old that I became interested in the Adult Baby side of things. It was largely out of fear of growing up and not wanting to leave my childhood. Since I was already a furry, I became interested in babyfur artwork. I then became a babyfur and that has now been extended to full-blown AB. Ageplay is really comforting, therapeutic and psychologically for me. I identify as much as an AB as I do a DL, albeit I don't gain sexual gratification from regressing.

    So I guess identifying as an AB or DL can be a gateway into the other. They're both intertwined in quite a lot of ways. It's a spectrum of sorts.

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    I'm a DL but I think some baby stuff is cute, so... To each his own I guess...

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    Last February I became an ab, aside from allready being a DL .
    Now I consider myself as a sissy, LG to a point. ( I'm really exploring this interesting aspect, being a sissy & LG .) I have to admit ever since becoming an ab, sissy and LG Iv'e had more and more fantasies in playing this role in public settings .

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