Good morning, this morning something happened which got me thinking and it's also bought another thought with it (this post also might be for you a little nappy-usage graphic). So this morning after a dry night (yes I know I'm no bedwetter but I wanted it to be one!) (fell asleep before pampering up - must have been more tired than I felt) I decided I'd have a nappied lie-in and put on a nappy at 1/4past 7am - after that I had my lie-in and come 1/4past 9 am I was faced with a dilemma - morning pee in toilet? Or morning pee in nappy?

Now if you know me through reading my previous posts you should know that I wear a nappy for three nights before changing to save money (I wet before the start of the last night). If I did my morning wet into the nappy it'd have to come off early but then I felt something 'else' below and thought screw it lets see what happens.
To get to the point I urinated and released a bowel movement at exactly the same time...this is rare for me as it's not something I've done for a while - however it was something it was keeping going recently but then of course I just dropped off coz I'm lazy.

What I'm getting at is it feels babyish so babyish in fact that it might be a genetic trait we lose after our infancy. I don't know much about babies but I'm going to guess they urinate and stool at the same time almost every time? ADISC parents of real babies out there help me out please. To me it looks like this: When we - adults - go #1 we don't go #2 at the same time, our bodies can separate/hold back etc. I doing something genetically babyish because I'm a nappy lifestyler, is this all coincidence or am I barking up completo the wrong tree?

Adding to that...when I'm clothed I'm prone to feeling the cold (to a point where people say "you can't be cold today!" but...when I'm active around the house in just a nappy or active outside (yes I'm one of those people) in just a nappy I don't feel the cold at this also thanks to infantile programming I've not dropped? Are any of you out there like this &/or do you have anything to say about this? BMS