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Thread: Announcement: New Videos Weekly Fridays / Saturdays!

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    Cool Announcement: New Videos Weekly Fridays / Saturdays!

    That's right! Well, I don't exactly know how I am going to accomplish this goal but somehow I am going to do it!

    I welcome any video ideas and suggestions you guys have!

    Some of my ideas for videos:

    "All About Ninja Turtles"

    "Micro Machines"

    "Review Abena M4's"

    "Diaper Modifications" ?

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    Rules of thumb for Littles & Bigs, or advice on dealing with feelings that arise during little time.

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    Well why not talk about My little pony? we have a lot of bronies here and I figured it could do no harm to ask actually. In fact why not talk about specific roller coasters like the mantis or raptor up at cedar point? I have been there over a dozen times (not recently) and people are most likely fond of that. Also I know a few things about minecraft and I happen to know how to get max level enchantments from a wizard table and all. I hope this helps.

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