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Thread: Does anyone here play paradox games ?

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    Default Does anyone here play paradox games ?

    I've been limited so far to Europa Universalis III and IV, with the former having a mod i created myself just for fun and the latter using mods from other people where my current goal is to make a space filling empire just for the heck of it

    I do have an interest in alt-history which makes me hooked to games like these but to players out there, what is the next recommended game for me

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    I love those games. With EU4 being on sale last weekend I recently dived back into that series (it took my whole weekend from me ). as for your next game, if you haven't tried CK2 give it a go it
    s got some interesting mechanics although it can be kind of easy to blob out of control on that one.

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    Oh i heard about that and i'll probably get that next, i'm excited to also try several mods there, is the sunset invasion mod interesting? As well as the westeros one ?

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    I love the idea of the Paradox grand strategy games, and have played EU 1, 2 and 3 as well as at least two of the Hearts of Iron... and I always intend to put time into them more, as I love grand strategy - I just feel I don't have the time because they're such huge time sinks. I also have Sengoku which I've heard is quite good but haven't spent any time in it - maybe that's a direction to go in - or the mentioned Crusader Kings 2.

    Or for a lighter approach that I have invested significantly more time in, the Total War series has a more approachable 'grand strategy lite' component to their games.

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