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Thread: Cross dressing for first time-need advice!!!

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    Default Cross dressing for first time-need advice!!!

    So I think I'm gonna cross dress publicly for my first town and need advice on everything. Shoot it at me. I've worn stuff before, but only in private

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    Be confident. If you are going to cross dress in public try not to show how nervous you are. Act like you supposed to be wearing the clothes you are wearing. I looked at it this way I bought the clothes so they are my clothes not a woman's clothes. The cloth it was cut from has no gender and therefore neither does the article of clothing. Be careful about the restroom depending on the laws in your area and how you present yourself.

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    Act natural. A few of my co-workers have gone the whole nine yards, wigs, heals, and fake nails to boot. Though I'm female myself, I say wear something that feels right and fitting to you. I don't know much about your body type, and I don't know how convincing you want to look. Are you aiming to look metrosexual, or are you trying to present yourself as a female in public? That would change what types of clothes you should wear. Remember that generally female clothes have more space in the chest, hips, buttox, and thighs, but less in the legs, arms, shoulders, waist, and back.

    Above all though, have a good time

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    it helps if you have girly music to get you in a better mood for it, like songs by Aqua (Barbie Girl) or something like that, SissyKiss has a a whle soundtrack. also, what DLScottsman is very important, its probably best to just go before you go out

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