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Thread: Bambino's Out of Stock Again.

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    Default Bambino's Out of Stock Again.

    Well, Bambino is once again out of stock. Their shelves are completely bare. I did email them to get some sort of time table as to when they were going to be in stock again. They said it would probably be about 45 days.

    I don't understand why they wait so long to reorder them if they know how long they'll have to wait. Why does it seem to be the fashion of these companies. It will be few months of no income for the business. Why do they do these things to themselves?

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    Never tried Bamino's.I think they're an American nappy brand so I'd have to import them if I wanted to try as I'm from UK.From what I understand they're popular amongst adult babies.

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    They must have a problem generating cash flow which has a hard time satisfying their bankers. Do they have to pay for their order in
    advance before the order is made?

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    Yeah the gaps in inventory are strange and kinda annoying, but presumably there's nothing they can do about it given their finances, otherwise they would (?)

    I'm assuming each order they make to the factory in China or wherever is minimally tens of thousands of dollars. I think the ABUniverse founder posted on his blog a few years ago that it was all a labor of love and they weren't making their money back... who knows if that's still the case or whatever. But it does make you think...

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    There was another post which explained the process very well.

    For the life of me, i can't find it, so I'm going to give the shorthand version that I got from it.

    Even though Bambino is a 'large' company as we see it, they're actually quite small compared to companies like Tena, Molicare, Depends, etc. that make diapers for the general population. Their storage locations are likely not as large, and due to monetary restrictions (and new machines, remember the oops batch?) they have to work with a smaller level of stock. This leads in a way to a better profit vs loss margin for them. Less stock on hand, but then they run the risk of out of stocks.

    They also don't make the diapers on site I believe, so they're a middle man when it comes to receiving and exporting. They possibly do the packaging at their facility too. That means if there is a supply shortage anywhere before the diapers arrive at the Bambino warehouse, there isn't much of anything they can do besides sit on their hands. Does it suck? Totally. But if that's the case, it really is just a waiting game until supplies are available and more diapers can be made.

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    What I don't get is why they can't put in orders for new stock before their current stock is used up. Let's say you're a consumer, if you checked your diaper stash and saw that you only had a few left, you're going to put in a new order, not wait until you've finished up every last one. The company ought to work in the same way, ordering as stock starts to drop so that new stock arrives smoothly. Delays might still throw things off by a few days or even a couple weeks, but their out of stock periods are far too long.

    My guess at this point is that they're not working with enough capital. That is, they can't afford to put in a new order until they have all the money from finishing the previous order. If that's true, though, they really need to look into getting short term business loans.

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    If anyone is interested, I received a case of the X-Plus diapers from bambino today, they are the only diapers still in stock on their site I believe (that are uniquely bambino at least)

    Sure enough, they seem to be functionally identical to the other bambino diapers, with the only difference being the taping zone. They feel about as thick as a teddy, but not quite that of a Bellissimo.

    If anyone was thinking about trying them, I'd say go for and grab some! Chances are they too will be out of stock soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KeepItReal View Post
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    With influences as diverse as Kierkegaard and Andy Warhol, new variations are synthesised from both traditional and modern narratives.

    Ever since I was a child I have been fascinated by the traditional understanding of the universe. What starts out as contemplation soon becomes corroded into a manifesto of greed, leaving only a sense of unreality and the unlikelihood of a new synthesis.

    As intermittent derivatives become reconfigured through diligent and personal practice, the viewer is left with a testament to the inaccuracies of our era.

    Also, wtf?

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    I believe bambino gets diapers shipped from China and has to wait till the current supply runs low before they can order more, keeping in mind the mistakes of the last batch its very possible that delays in shipments from China are to blame, Bambino needs to fix the issue they had on the last batch as it is driving folks away. Ive switched to 24/7 dry at night, however the tapes suck, the bambino has better tapes but they are placed wrong, and the diaper is kinda big on me, and they don't sell a small. With the small 24/7 I have great protection, Ive only leaked once or twice, after huge wettings, the Bambino in its current state was leaking even when I added boosters. Don't like the price of 24/7 dry, its great they are on sale, but the sale will end and they will again be over priced.

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    I have been using the for a long time, and the last batch wasn't that good. I threw out several because the taps came off. I hope they get the problem resolved.

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