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Thread: Have you ever accidentally pooped while peeing your pants or diaper?

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    Default Have you ever accidentally pooped while peeing your pants or diaper?

    When I was a teenager both of my parents worked, so during the summer I was home alone during the day. I started staying at home by myself from the age of 13, when I started high school.

    Expected to do some chores, I quickly learned how to do the laundry. This was so I could indulge in some serious pants wetting and hide all the evidence. Every day I would wet something, jeans, shorts, underpants, pyjamas, makeshift towel diapers, I tried em all. I was very paranoid about getting caught, so most times I would have my "accidents" in the bathroom or toilet just before doing a load of washing, but sometimes ventured into the yard.

    One day when I was 15, it was a great wetting day. I wore multiple pairs of undies and wet. It reminded me of my training pants. I later did it again in short pyjama bottoms, again triggering memories.

    When that load of washing was on the line, there was enough for one more load, so that meant one more wetting! I hunted through my clothes and found an old pair of speedo bathers I hadn't worn in years. They were dark green, and I remembered them showing wetness very well. They were a bit small, but I squeezed into them.

    Now I hadn't worn speedos since the onset of puberty, (late btw) but they would be perfect for an outside wetting for sure. If anyone did arrive unexpectedly than I could claim I was just enjoying the sunshine. I went outside wearing just those and no shirt. As I was a bit on the chubby side, I hadn't gone outside wearing no shirt and just briefs for years. I still remember how liberating it felt.

    I was experimenting with cigarettes at the time, and snuck around the side of the house for a quick puff. Hiding and smoking made me feel incredibly naughty, and dressed as I was made me feel little.

    I was just starting to come to terms with enjoying feeling little with the pants wetting etc. and each new experience was shaping me as I matured.

    I finished my smoke and disposed of the butt. I had been outside for a while now, and thought I better get this wetting started. The spot I was in was nicely hidden, so would be perfect. I tried to pee standing upright with my legs together, but my bladder was fairly empty by now. I managed a small spurt, enough to make a small wet patch but that was all. I pushed a bit but it wasn't working.

    Change of tactics required. I spread my legs wide and squatted down, looking like I was astride an invisible horse. I pushed harder, watching the fabric of my speedos to see what would happen.

    I should have been watching the back.

    With no warning, a large poo exploded out of me, followed by a wet fart and a rush of diarrhoea! I nearly fell over onto my butt, but thankfully didn't. It made a hell of a mess! Talk about panic! I'd had no warning or even hint that it was going to happen, and it was horrible. I had poop all over my butt, and even down one leg.

    Trying to stay calm, I removed my briefs and emptied them under the bush I was hiding behind. I then got the hose and cleaned myself off. Naked, I snuck around to the back door and ran inside. I toweled off, got dressed , found a plastic bag and retrieved my ruined pants. I couldn't risk throwing them in our garbage can, so I rode my bike to the local shops and deposited the bag there.

    When I got back, I was so relieved that I had gotten away with it. I put the last load of laundry on and started to relax. I still felt a bit shaky in the bowels, so went to the toilet to see if there was any left. I pulled down my sweat pants and got comfortable. When I looked down I noticed that I had indeed forgotten something. While I had hosed off, I never actually took the time to wipe before getting dressed. My white undies were covered in skid marks from the crotch to the waistband. As I realised that I had just ridden to the shop and back I felt weak. How close a call was that!

    A quick shower, followed by another ride to the shops with another plastic bag full of soiled pants, and I was done!

    I think that incident put me off being a pants pooper for good.

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    I have only accidentally pooped my diaper when I farted. Not fun at all because it was all runny and it itched my skin and it stunk very bad and I was at the airport waiting to board the flight home and I didn't have any left in my backpack because I had used them up on the way back and I had messed one earlier that day and had to change.

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    Lol yes! I can relate. I had actually forgotten about this till I read your reply. A few years ago I got up and put a diaper on, which I intended to use for my morning pee. I really was busting to go, but was determined to try and hold on for as long as possible and try to facilitate a real accidental wetting. While I was making my morning coffee, the urge to expel the classic "morning fart" hit me. I was concentrating on not wetting my nappy yet, as I wanted a genuine accidental wetting.
    I pinched myself through the nappy, bent over, and tried to push the gas out.
    It was more than gas....
    I kept the diaper on until it had gotten wet, then the clean up and change. I hate that part.

    And as a footnote, a similar incident occurred only a week ago. I had been out for a few drinks with friends, and got dropped off home. I had an extreme urge to pee, which if my family weren't home could've been the basis for some nice playtime. But home they were, so I hurried into the toilet, unzipped my jeans, and produced a stream that a horse would've been proud of. As I was peeing, it felt so good that I pushed a bit harder, and again pooped a bit with no warning. Thankfully my underwear saved the day.
    I'm not much into pooping play as I hate the clean up, but a genuine accident does put my in touch with my little side.

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    I love it when I wet my diaper and had no memory of going or when I feel an urge and then feel the warmth in my crotch not even remembering I had released it.

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    When you have a poo accident it's usually unwanted and inconvenient, and cleanup is a pain in the ass, but when you knowingly do it, it's a different feeling. I think what put you off was the lack of control of the situation (and the type of mess as well). But, I can't do a #2 unless I do it intentionally, so whenever I do it, it's because I want to and I know I am going to get some enjoyment out of it.

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    No, but that is because I don't like pooping in my diaper..

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    Yeah its happened, but only in pants. I wish I was in a diaper when it happened.

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    Thisjust happened to me...a bit. Was napping in a DryCare, woke up and peed. Let out some gas and a little poo.

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    Not normally have I had it happen. A few times I've finished peeing and then had some leak out leak out. Then I've had
    to change and basically waste a diaper.

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