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    Heya there! I was doing my normal lurking and searching throughout the interwebs and when trying to view this website again it showed me as a lurker... so I thought I would change that!

    My names Daniel (or Danielle ) and I have been in the community throughout the past six to seven years, way into my childhood. I still lurk some of the original websites I regulared (such as ftt's), but most have died sadly. I will most likely be on here from time to time but my life is pretty busy so its hard enough to fit in free space.

    My interest in the community has changed throughout my maturity but right now I really enjoy the little girl/sissy stuff with everything else thrown in there. I enjoy hypnosis in particular mixed in and can't get enough rp'ing whenever I have the time.

    I used to be an artist by heart, mind, and soul; but times have gotten busier and with me not going to school for art I really stopped it all together. I really hope to get back into it one day but as for now work/schooling/other commitments take up my time. I am also sadly into a lot of the music/drug scene, which I don't have any interest hiding or stopping, but understand is unhealthy. In my free time I will usually just hang out with friends and drink a little or play some sort of sports/videogames. I also play Team Fortress 2 and other online games with a few friends.

    Hope to talk to some of ya'll eventually, and if I get to know any of you or if you have any interest in a partner to rp.. id be down! You'd be best to add me on steam though, since I am on that whenever I am on my computer. I
    figure that completely fine to add since its nothing to do with personal info.

    Steam Community :: note

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    hey there Danielle, nice to meet you!
    hypnosis is fun sometimes, but i can nenervget too deep into it. and actually getting involved in this world served as a drug/alcohol/stuff-i-mustnt-do deterrent, cuz throughout high school i was sometimes lonely and sad despite being with friends and stuff (its LA, one is always alone yet crowded) and so coming here and delving into our wonderful world of ABDL, i got to feel welcome and happy, along with beung understood by others and finally having others to relate to and talk to about pretty much anything XD be sure to post a lot and talk to people, we dont bite...that much :P

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