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    i remember a Forum post about this game oh i want to say a year and a half possibly two years ago. (it was shortly after i joined) but it was still in Dev back then. it had just released about two weeks ago and was wondering if anyone had played it yet? im gonna buy it when i get the money but i was just curious about the Quality of the game, difficulty of the Controls and so on.

    Among the Sleep on Steam

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    It's an okay game. Nothing quite what was expected.

    It's not scary at all. It's a bit creepy at times, and you do get chased, but there is no fear value at all. The story is also incredibly predictable. It's worth a playthrough, but it's not what was expected.

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    Huh, I didn't realize it had actually come out. 20$ sounds pretty steep for such a short game though.

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    Well if it makes you feel better there is a high chance for some free DLC on it. It also has sold well (it might have been me that made that topic a couple of years ago as well, IDK).

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