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    Default What a great day!

    Hello, I'm Trixy

    For as long as I can remember I have fantasised about wearing (& using) a nappy/diaper...

    Today, with the house to myself for a week, I decided to be brave and went shopping.

    I got a ten pack of nappies, some spotty knickers, some jars of baby food, a dummy and a baby spoon.

    I came home, figured out how to put a nappy on myself, drank 3 pints of water and sucked on my pink dummy while I waited for the first jar of baby food to heat up.

    My word the food tasted disgusting :-(

    It's now an hour later, and I'm sitting in a deliriously wet nappy telling you about it while I suck on my dummy...

    I'm hoping the baby food will work through the system soon so I can be the naughty Trixy I want to be...

    I'm wondering how long I should sit in this nappy until I change it

    Hope we can be friends

    Trixy x

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    Hello and welcome from some one else with a nice wet nappy

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    Thank you!

    Just 'treating' myself to another portion of dinner...

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    Quote Originally Posted by trixy View Post
    Thank you!

    Just 'treating' myself to another portion of dinner...
    Hope you have a Fulfilling day or are you just going to sit on it for a while ?

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    I'm not sure how long I'll manage to sit still for - but my aim was to wear it for the next 12 hours if I can manage that...

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    I have found that it is actually better to take it steady with the old hydration and wet the nappy incrementally. Especially if you have the house to yourself and do not have to go anywhere. Also, watch out, stting in a nappy that is too wet for any length of time is a quick route to a nappy rash... Not nice.

    Quick tip on the other end... Make yourself some porridge. Just a ramekin dish full. Wait until you can comfortably hold your finger in it for 10 seconds or more (longer than you may think) and tip it down the back of the nappy. All the sensation of poop, no smell!


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