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    Is their service well kept? I sent them 2-3 emails but I got no word back and on top of that I couldn't find out when their next shipment is because ever since April-June I have seen Out of stock for two diapers I wouldn't mind having for my collection but alas...they are sold out. If I have to wait that is fine but i'd be nice to receive word from them like it's been a month without a response and yes I am positive I sent the right E-mail.

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    They are horrible at keeping up their stock and even worse about letting people know their plans for restocking.

    That said, their shipping is reliable and discreet, and the quality of their diapers is just about the best you can get. I'm personally loving the case of bellisimos I bought in mid-May

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    The only problem I have with Bambino diapers is their lack of Ph balancing agents. Only diapers I have got that I couldn't use at night due to skin irritation were Bambino . Bellissimos don't seem to be a problem but they are much more absorbent, which probably leads to less wetness. I also haven't had any in a while so the formulation may not be the same anymore.

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    I can't rememeber, did you try the 24/7's? A good alternative until Bambino get's their act back together.

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    I'm sure that they are doing everything they can to get diapers back in stock. Without products in stock thy have no income to cover their fixed expenses, so they are losing money. The fact that they have no inventory is probably beyond their control. It is possible that they are looking for another manufacturer after having issues with every diaper having upside down tape panels. (To me this would be an inexcusable mistake the manufacturer made and should had been corrected, but it wasn't.) There could also be issues causing delays at the factory too. Reasons can range from lack of raw materials to the manufacturer is setup for making diapers for other companies and Bambio has to wait 'their turn" to ave their product made. Another issue could be mandatory shutdown of factories in China due to their massive pollution prole. Once they are produced there could still be delays beyond their control getting the shipment to their wearhouse. They might have to wait for a spot on a cargo ship, then when the containers hit US docks they have to clear customs, then possibly wait for an available truck to haul the containers to their warehouse. It would be nice if they had an ETA for restocking, but they may not have accurate info on this. By the way Dry 24/7 would be a great alternative for bambino products. In my opinion they are a much better diaper and made in the USA.

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    From what i have heard they are great lol. Both the company and the products they make lol

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    They are great diapers. Some of the better ones I tried.
    Its what I use the most.

    There site says sometime after the July 4th weekend they should be restocked.
    I also know they are suppose to have a new core for them too.

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    I hope the new distributor Bambino's happens to be claiming to be looking for is in Australia or Central America. The price tag on those diapers will almost double if they are being distributed from Europe (mostly due to increased shipping and handling). At that point the only AB oriented diapers (ones with babyish prints on them) that someone can get at a reasonable price in the U.S would be ABuniverse and I will never voluntarily buy from them ever again.

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    I have heard several people say they do not get return emails. I have never had a problem, and get prompt replies every time I email them. I have never seen them out of stock before and I order from them a lot. With that said, I was disappointed that they have been out of stock for the last 60 days. They have such a great product, I don't mind waiting for them to get their production issues resolved. I have ordered M10 from Conficare. They are supposed to be identical to the Bambino Biancos. I will let everyone know when they are delivered.

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