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    Hey all! I'm moving to California in a few months and I'm going to try wearing everyday, more or less. The diaper I was thinking of wearing is the Abena M4, and I was wondering if anyone knew how long they last (how many normal wettings can it take)? Also, there's a really good chance I'd be biking wearing them. Would they be comfortable? Thanks in advance!

    Update #2 - I'd be wearing a diaper or 2 throughout the majority of the day, with minimal changes. I don't wet a whole lot.
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    I have ridden a bike wearing an Abena M4, and I don't recommend it. They are thick enough that they will push your knees apart, and you'll have to pedal in an unnatural way, with your feet only halfway on the pedals.

    Abena M3s, on the other hand, are perfect for cycling. The padding is wide enough that it won't bunch up in an uncomfortable way, but it's not so wide and thick that it will push your knees apart. Unfortunately, the plastic-backed M3s are no longer available, but if you don't mind disposables with a cloth-like cover, M3s would be my recommendation.

    I can't answer your question about how long diapers will last. This varies from person to person. The reviews here and on XP Medical can give you a sense of different diapers' absorbency in mL.

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    good way to get a rash on your inner thigh from the chaffing, use Lots of power or some anitfriction balm

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    Okay, I'll definitely look into the M3s. Thank you!

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    If you're wearing outdoors I wouldn't recommend wetting more than twice, whatever the nappy.

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    It's not so much as me working out, but more of me living my life, I.E. going to school, to the store, etc.

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    I usually wear M3's during day. Seems a good compromise between capacity and wearability. As for M4's (have one on as I type this), they last me 4 to 6 hours.

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    Haha, all right! I'm thinking of going M3 during the day, packing 2-3 with me, and M4 at night.

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    That is a proper way to do it, matching the right thickness with the situation. Wearing an M4 in the day is ok thickness wise when you are not going to be too active. I like a M4 or dry 24/7 when going to a movie or while skiing. when around friends I don't wear such a thick diaper, the plastic M3 was my go to day time diaper when out and about. The thickness is perfect to feel so comfy yet I can forget I am wearing a diaper. The cloth have the same amount of padding but the tapes slip and the diaper gets loose and less comfy until readjusted.

    I trust an M4 to three moderate or two large wettings before getting worried about having to change. Really, once wetness starts traveling up the back is when I start thinking about changing. I had an m3 leak out of the top on me once when a few friends were over. I noticed the wetness around my waistband when changing in my room, they did not notice anything as my shirt covered it all. This was after a day of class and I should have changed right when I got home instead of sitting down to talk.

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    I would half to agree with what has been said so far. On average I can get about 6-8 hours out of an M4. I don't like the cloth covered M4 diapers as they don't hold Oder well urin smells after 6 hours or so.

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