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Thread: Hey everyone!! :3

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    Default Hey everyone!! :3

    A padded raccoon here saying hi everyone! New on here so be gentle!! :3

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    Welcome to the forums!

    Should not worry, we are usually quite gentle!

    Could you tell us a little more about yourself? Hobbies & interests, how you came to the site, what you would ideally like from the site and the members etc.

    You might find the tutorial useful -

    You will find many like minded people here including quite a few BF's and DF's. What is your Fursona?

    I look forward to seeing you contributions.


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    welcome, hope you have fun here

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    Thanks for the tutorial! Didn't think of stuff like that! Derp! I'll add that in above ;P

    As for my fursona - Its nice and simple really - a lovely lil raccoon with a flop of blonde hair :3
    Just need to dig in and meet some awesome people!!

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    Welcome to the site! Most, if not all, people here are very nice, and you'll fit right in. Hope you like being on the site.

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    Welcome! Nice to see moar UK diaperfurs/babbyfurs!

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    hey there! welcome to ADISC, its the coolest funnest awesomest place EVER! XD i hope you enjoy it, and the members that make it such a great place. its a very useful place for finding out more about you and us and to share woes and triumphs and whatever else you feel like telling us about have fun, and may you post a lot :P

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