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Thread: Top of the morning to ya

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    Red face Top of the morning to ya

    Should probably have written here sooner but anyways Iīm 23, student and liked diapers and stuff for as long as I can rembember. It doesnīt bother me really though itīs not something I bring up with friends and I doubt Iīll ever meet anyone else who share this unusual interest. Just moved to my own place, got a pack of diapers so the world is my oyster. See you.

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    Welcome, to the community, Nap. You will meet some people here that share your interest. Enjoy your stay, diapered, of course.

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    Default Welcome to ADISC newbie!

    :bunny: Hope you like it here - and if you're so inclined grab your blankie, your plushie, put on a diaper (or nappie) and carry on. best of luck! :bunny:

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