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    anyone else heard of Nightcore or listen to it frequently? one of my friends just introduced it to me. and i have to say it quite cool, i mean its just sped up and put through a high pitch noise filter but its great mix up. here is one of my favorites i have found

    The Style works best with slower songs i think

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    YES I LOVE NIGHTCORE!!!! its soo much fun its like a sugar rush mixed with helium and sprinkles XD theyre amazing, especially ines that actually sound different, like Everytime We Touch (the one ft cash cash), or the G.U.Y nightcore by lady gaga. i cant think of the other ones right now but there's so many good ones, its funny hearing them go so fast, but at the same time its quite a rush.

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    Yea nightcore/night step are cool. also meg & Dia -Monster (DotEXE Remix) is a great song anyway XD

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