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    This is my first proper post soÖ
    My parents are going away for a week so I have the house to myself and Iím finally going to order my first lot of nappies/diapers and I have a few questions.

    1)My jean size is 28inches but I need to use a belt to make them fit so what size nappy should I get, small or medium (I was thinking of getting abri-form premium or molicare super plus)?

    2)Do I need to use plastic pants or not? I donít want any leaks but it would also be suspicious if I used the washing machine and cleaning and drying them is going to be VERY hard to hide and I do not want my parents (or anyone else really) finding out.

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    Be careful with timing of diaper orders, sometimes they don't come at the right time. Ideally you should order samples, as diapers fit everyone differently. I'd be worried about ordering a case or a bag and find out you swim in the diapers they are so big. Almost sounds like a small might fit. One thing is, abena doesn't make the thicker diaper sizes in smalls I think and the ones they do have in small are cloth. Plastic pants aren't as required as you think. I used to wear them a lot, but once you get a hang of how much your diaper can hold, its less of an issue needing them to stop leaks.

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    Sounds like you should fit in most small diapers. I would measure your hips since hips tend to be wider than our waist. Also be aware that the majority of small diapers are far less absorbent then their medium and large counterparts. Make a list of some of the diapers you are considering. I have a 29" waist and has tried most brands in small and medium so I can give you an idea on how they will fit and perform. Your height and weight would be helpful too.

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    Use a tape measure to measure your waist.If you measure 33 for example then you would know to buy nappy size medium 28-42 Inch, or what ever specification it says on the pack.It is always vital to check waist size before ordering as waist sizes can vary slightly between brands.

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    Waist sizes on pants can he horribly inaccurate. My pant size is 36/38 depending on brand but my actual waist size is 41. Also remember your hips tend to be slightly larger than your waist. In the end, if you're borderline on a size, go with whichever is bigger.

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    I'm a 30-32 waist and I'm right on the borderline small-medium so small would probably fit you fine. If you follow mattyd's advice and order a couple of samples of different brands in small and medium you'll soon get a feel for which brands you like and fit you best.

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    Hi again

    I've measured my hips, and it comes to about 30,32 inches.

    Just to reiterate for barkd74 I was thinking of either an Abri-form premium or Molicare Super Plus.

    Also where could I order samples from? I'm UK based?

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