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Thread: Hey guys, what's up? :)

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    Cool Hey guys, what's up? :)

    Introduction time! Well, I'm a funny, science loving college student who you can call HPattern.

    I'm mainly a DL, but I have some AB tendencies, as well as a mild interest in the whole furry thing. I'm into Omo as well, if anybody wants to know :P

    I'm into technology, programming, architecture, engineering, science, astronomy, cars and music. Oh, and funny web comics lol (Cyanide and Happiness anyone?)

    I'm kinda just here to hang out and add to some discussions with like minded people. Let me know if you have any questions, although I can't promise I'm that interesting or anything ;P

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    Hi and welcome. You'll find that we have all kinds here, from diaper lovers to adult babies to furries and everything in between, so you'll fit right in!

    I'm into omorashi/watersports as well.

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    Great Introduction!

    I'm another science type. Need to get some off topic discussions going!


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    Hey HPattern, welcome to ADISC, I hope you enjoy your stay here

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