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Thread: Do you need a valid ID for ID-only purchases?

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    Default Do you need a valid ID for ID-only purchases?

    I live in Ohio in the USA, and I'm 18 currently and have a temporary driving learner's permit, but it is now expired. I can't use it for driving, but was wondering if it could still be used to buy things that you must be 18+ and show ID for, such as spray paint and cigarettes. After all, it is an official government document that shows my photograph and date of birth, so logically it should be perfectly acceptable as proof of age.

    But as we all know, laws are seldom logical. So that's why I'm asking - can a temporary driving permit, although expired, still be used as proof of age for purchases that require ID/proof of age? It's not like my date of birth has changed or anything, plus I still look exactly as I do in the photo.

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    I am not sure about Ohio, but I do know as long as it has a picture and DOB issues from a state authority It counts in Or and Wa.

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    I know in Texas if it's expired over 6 months it's not legal.

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    I'm sure its not a valid legal ID in ohio. You may still get away with using it to buy 18+ items but I would strongly suggest getting a current ID for legal reasons. One of my friends almost got arrested for his uncles warrant in another state because he did not have an ID. If it wasn't for the fact that we had just pulled up in front of his moms house and she, without talking to us first, recited his full name the cop was going to take him to jail. IDs aren't hard to get and aren't expensive. Unless it is an old Temporary ID + Pink Paper driving permit, if so there will be an expiration date on the ID that could be longer then the temps were good for since the id didn't used to be your temps. I'm not sure when they changed it.

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    I would think a picture/student ID card would work. It got me into things when I was a kid. You could make a copy of your birth certificate. I would leave the original in a safe place as they're difficult to replace.

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    IDK about the rest of the Country but here in Kentucky it can not be accepted if it is even one day past expiration date. i was a store clerk once we are not suposed to sell liquer or Cigerettes to any one with an expired ID regardless of age. and it HAS TO BE a State Government or Federal government Issued ID card with Age Verifacation. Millitary ID's Are Iffy at best some places allow them some don't. because its not widely used and known they are suseptable to Forgery. even though my store didn't allow them i still ran with it, i was an army brat i know what the cards are supposed to look like as i used to have one and when i worked at Ft Campbell PX i was taught how to spot a Forged Card so i had no problems accepting them

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    Well, I bought two lighters with it yesterday, so there's the answer. Apparently it does work!

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    Quote Originally Posted by egor View Post
    I am not sure about Ohio, but I do know as long as it has a picture and DOB issues from a state authority It counts in Or and Wa.
    I live in Ohio and I've been turned down for things before with an expired ID, and other times I've been approved. It's just a big hit or miss thing. There may be a law here in Ohio about it, but some clerks outright ignore it and others don't.

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    It varies on the state. I know Colorado won't let you buy anything with an expired ID that's 6 months old. However, in New Jersey I think its okay.

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    The legal issue with dated ID is only one aspect, unfortunately. I don't have good reason to believe that a cashier who decides that tonight is Frumpy Friday can be cohered to be sensible.

    My luck dictates I would get to hear, "Your ID has expired, so why haven't you".

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