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Thread: I'm Sooo Jealous...

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    Unhappy I'm Sooo Jealous...

    Just happened across this Youtube video: YouTube - big baby You might want to view it muted or volume down because it looks like the girls might be loud.

    Trying to figure how she did it. These newer style walkers are the only baby walkers I've never been able to fit into. Though older ones from the '70s/'80s I've been successful with. This girl must have hips like a snake to fit in the seat. It looks very snug, but she did manage it somehow. I tried to get in one once and could only get it up to my lower thigh area. Man...wish I could find one to fit myself into. It's kind of a challenge to me now that I saw this vid, and I'm determined to fit in one yet!


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    I always find getting into things are easier than getting out...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pojo View Post
    I always find getting into things are easier than getting out...
    Get the jaws of life!

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    The girl in the video is rather annoying I think ~_~

    They probably detached the tray and had her kneel in the space. How come you don't make one yourself? Couldn't be too hard could it? :P

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    I could totally see making one with parts from an electric wheelchair and driving down the street at halloween, or in a parade!

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    I probably could make one with large enough an opening to fit me, but I also could see myself trying to explain making THAT to my wife!


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    I bet they cut out the bottom and maybe the back which is never visible during the video. That's how I would do it anyways, then again I wouldn't want to do something so dumb either. By that I mean make a video for people with kinks or whatever and have the production quality be pretty damn crappy and noobish.

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    I fit in those barely.

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    I wish i had someone to take care of me like that but is it me or is she laughing between crying? Or is she really an AB? I think I could fit in one of those because I only weigh 139 pounds

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