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    Default Hey

    Hey There,

    I'm new and thought I'd say hi and not really sure where to take this thread now lol

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    Hello Jakob and welcome to the group.

    Would you please take a moment and tell us a little bit about yourself such as your hobbies and interests.

    Again welcome to the group.

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    Welcome Jacob! So glad to see you here at ADISC. Have a great time here.

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    You are most welcome. Have a look at the stickies and see what we would like to hear from an introduction. If you are shy, do not worry, we do not bite!


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    Hello, would you like to tell us anything else about yourself? Do you work or go to school? Or what's your favorite diaper?

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    Hi and welcome!!!!! I hope you enjoy ADISC as much as do, feel free to tell a little about yourself

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    Been a busy day, thanks for the replies everyone and such a great welcome.

    A little bit about myself ehh, well to be honest Jakob isn't my real name because I'm a little shy and so on (once I've gotten to know people we'll see so please bare with me). I am currently unemployed though I do have a Saturday job at a car garage that doesn't count as employment, I'm a fully qualified automotive technician to City & Guilds Level 3 which took be 4 years to achieve. My interests include cars, computers, aircraft and to a lesser extent diapers (people think it is weird so I keep it on the down low).

    Damnit, I've got writers block. I forgot what I was going to type.

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    Well, you are in the one place where you are not going to be though of as weird for liking diapers (or nappies as us Brits call them...). As to being a little shy, that's natural and this is, largely a public forum so going under a pseudonym is a good idea. Once you can PM you may choose to trust the odd person with your real name but it is not necessary.

    On the car front, have you any projects on the go? Most car people I know are restoring something...

    I'm more into music of all sorts but mainly classic rock. I'm also a foodie and an avid reader.

    I look forward to the rest of your intro when you get over the writers block...


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    I don't at the moment but once I get a job I'm gonna save a little money and work on my 21 year old Peugeot 306 but it isn't a priority right now as I'm running a cute little Suzuki Alto.

    Classic Rock ehh, that is cool. What kind of bands do you like?

    As for my music I love rock, metal, orchestral and classical

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