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Thread: Which languages do you speak?

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    Default Which languages do you speak?

    Very little is done to teach foreign languages over here in the Untied States, so unfortunately, I am only fluent in English. I do know a bit of German and Spanish due to some courses I took in high school, but I have much to learn when it comes to such things.

    I am quite busy at the moment, but I am hoping to work on learning additional languages once my college courses are finished next year. My plans are ambitious, and I don't expect them to be finished anytime soon, as I would like to start with French, German, and Spanish. I would like to follow this up with learning Russian, Greek, Italian, Latin, and Arabic.

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    There was an Adisc multinguist club. As myself, I speak fluently english, spanish, czech, slovak, a few german and I'd learn something more, but actually I needn't it.
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    I speak English, Dutch (Nederlands), German (Deutsch), French (Franšais) and I a am learning Spanish (Espagnol)

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    My mother tongue is Dutch, but I'm quite fluent in English as well. I understand basic German and I recognize a lot of words in Lapine (google it).

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    Welsh and English fluently; a bit of French and enough German and Italian for travel.

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    Default Which languages do you speak?

    I have a terrible habit of starting to learn a language, then getting all distracted and suddenly going off on a tangent to learn another language. Hell...

    Regardless, I have a mostly-working knowledge of Modern Standard Arabic (and some Levant/Masri dialects) that I'm developing in school, along with a little bit of Russian, Croatian, and German. In the future, I plan on pursing Farsi, and perhaps Urdu if I can get motivated to learn it.

    Edit- I also know a bit of Latin, but by no means in a fluent/functional way. Mostly due to a few high school classes and growing up Roman Catholic o_O
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    When ever I see something like this I always wonder if you are a CODA (Child Of Deaf Adult) and sign is your first language does that make spoken English your second language?

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    I speak "English", I can understand German, I know a little Japanese, Hopi, Latin, Greek. The one I have been accused of by a gentlemen that I worked with that had just moved to the US from Iran and he said;" I am getting good at speaking your English but I do not understand this "country" you speak. Why would you want to kill a male cow and drink dish water?" (shot the bull and suck some suds)

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    I'm English speaking but I'm quite fluent in Pig Latin. I used to speak French, learned from high school and college, but now it's mostly all gone. I used to enjoy reading Artur Rimbaud in French as well as some other authors, but now I'm an idiot....sigh.

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