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    How do people feel about all-in-one cloth diapers? I've used cloth only sparingly and always separate diapers and plastic pants. Anyone ever used them as a cover over a disposable?

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    I've used cloth (all-in-one) over disposable, the only one problem is that such combination is too warm for me Anyway i like it more than just disposable diaper with plastic pants - feels more protective and comfortable. Also it's easier to clean and change (i dont like to wash my plastic pants :P ).

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    To me, the velcro or snap all in ones aren't as good at leak protection as the pull ons. The ones I have are thick enough that wearing them over a disposable is really overkill. I just use waterproof pants over them.

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    LLMedico makes some very nice pull-on, all-in-ones. My favorite are the Pink flannel covered with 'Belle Lace' design plastic, with matching, pink lace sewn around the waist and the leg opennings. Oh so pretty!

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    I have a Kennicare and after a few washings they leak and require a plastic pant anyway. Not worth the bother, use real diapers and overpants.


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    I have some pull-up style cloth ones which have a kiddy print cover and cloth inside. Doesn't hold much on it's own and needs soakers inside or over disposables.

    Don't use them much, but they're nice and bulky. I prefer disposables really.

    Interesting thing is these were actually kids ones. Found them on a medical site in the UK and they had baby-ish prints but in a teen size! Sadly they don't do them any more.

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