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Thread: Diapers and the DL diapered lifestyle

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    Default Diapers and the DL diapered lifestyle

    Hi all,

    Just re-introducing myself here... I've been "into" diapers since just after my mom took me out of them. I was the third of three-in-a-row, and, honestly, I just think she was tired of 5-6 years of training kids in diapers, and I caught the tail end of her kid diapering experience. I know some people can't remember that far back, but I distinctly remember other neighborhood kids still in diapers, and I just wanted to have my diapers back. Turned out, my mom got pregnant again a year or so later (mid 1950-'s), and had another kid anyway. From age 3-5 I was living my diaper-thoughts vicariously through the new baby, and his diapers, but at 5, I started putting plastic pants on, and the die was cast, so to speak. Anything & everything diaper-related became my secretive focus. The diaper/bedwetter ads in the backs of magazines, the baby aisle at the grocery/pharmacy stores, the Gerber's!!!, the references to diapers or age regression (shrinking) on TV (The Little Rascals, The Three Stooges, Tom & Jerry, etc), and of course, babysitting for the younger cousins & neighbors still in diapers. I'm sure it's a story that's been told a thousand times, in one form or another, but my Love Maps were cast in concrete, from a very early age, and have remained with me my whole life, through adolescence, young adulthood, the military, college, marriage, and decades beyond that!

    Truth be told, I honestly (as a little kid) thought I'd eventually outgrow all this diaper-focus, as it seemed other kids did, but that wasn't to be, with me. I had a lot of secrets as a kid, and this just turned out to be the one that has remained with me in life. In my teen years, it was tough on the brain, knowing finally that others were definitely NOT into diapers, but instead were into making fun of bedwetters & making crass jokes about "people" being babies, etc. However, as diapers had always had that "stimulating effect" on me, as my sexuality budded, the diapers meshed themselves right in my growing young adult sexuality, and they became as important to fulfilling my sexual needs, as did the girlfriends I was starting to get. Truth be told, the GF's were a lot harder to please, and I never "got any" of what I was looking for, from them, but my diapers were the most awesome GF a young adult could have, never letting me down in giving wood, gratifying me sexually when no one else was, and then, just going back into their hidey-hole until needed again. Sound familiar to anyone???

    Who, in their right minds, would've guessed that a lifetime later, I'd still find myself in a diaper/pullup (or two!) & plastic pants???

    If you use Experience Project or Fetlife, I'm in both places. If you've been around this lifestyle for awhile, you probably have already seen my postings in different places. I started (before the internet) with BBS's in San Diego (Bytemine) & DPF (not a roster member, but on the mailing list, and a DPF story contributor), became a long-time member of BBIF, progressed into IRC channels all over web, joined & tracked sites like ILuvDiapers, WetSet, ABKingdom as either JamieBoy or ABDreamz (yes, I had that name, with the Z, long before the girls in Florida borrowed it, but I like what they've done with the name....

    There's much more to tell about myself, but that should serve as a decent enough introduction to get me in the door. One last thing, I'm STR8, long-time married (sometimes happily, other times wondering why we even try...), but I'minterested in ALL OF IT! I about 95% DL (with AB tendencies), but I think I can play many ABDL roles (daddy, switch, etc.), and yet, I'm still trying desperately to meet other like-minded individuals, but quickly losing faith that I'll ever get the opportunity to be anything more than an anonymous user, in a very secretive society of online diaper-identities...

    Love my diapers! Always have - always will...

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    Welcome Jamie!

    My interest in diapers began as early as yours. Now I am still just as excited by them as ever at age 37. So I found out about a month ago there is something called DL and figure that explains all the desires to wet. So now I joined here and got support. Then I told my fiancÚ and he was accepting. We marry in a week or so and until then I will enjoy this to the fullest. Once I move in with him, I may be a little shy about it because I have never allowed myself to have any fantasies about sharing this part of my life. Bssicly I spent the last year thinking that I loved him enough to get rid of this forever, but since we have been in a long distance relationship, the activities have not gone away. I think it is safe to say that I am in the same boat as you and will never give it up.

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    Wow a book! Welcome to ADISC from a fellow snivy! We all or some of us love diapers up here and half the stuff you named I will ensure you that you are going to make lots of friends here. Again welcome.

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    Thanks for the greets, Fascinating Lady!

    How wonderful that you've found "the one", too! As a DL, I'm just wondering if you're going to wear one as you marry.... No, don't answer that. It's just a question I've always wondered, seeing women in their wedding dresses, and wondering, if they were DL's, would they marry diapered. I didn't, so I have my own answer.

    As for married life in diapers, or with a diaper fetish, I can predict that there might be a lot of ups & downs over the years. I told my wife, a couple of years before we married, so she had all the time in the world to back down, but she didn't. Then, when we married, things shifted a bit, and, although we attempted to figure it all out, it was just too much for either of us to wrap our brains around. Do we have sex in diapers? Do we not? Do we use diapers like dessert, when I've been good, or when I've been a bad little boy? Is one diaper enough? Are two too many??? Jees, we had so much to deal with, I think it just threw a wrench in the works. Also, I'm still of the opinion, decades later, that she would have preferred that I find normal marital intercourse removed my need for diapers and babyish thoughts, but it didn't. Maybe she thought she could change me (the proverbial type, not the diaper type...), but nobody can change anyone else. You either change yourself, or you begin to resent the person trying to change you... So, what I can say, with some degree of understanding, is that incorporating diapers into your marriage will be hard on you both, but not if you deal with the fetish in a way that joins you both together AND (...and that's a very big AND....) he's an understanding AND secure husband. I think that's where my problems with my wife/marriage came from, she was anything but secure with herself, and with me. Trust was always an issue for her, and where she didn't have a reason to mistrust me, SHE created one... We've made it to our Silver 25th anniversary, so there's something to be said for continuing to try, but I do feel all alone in marriage, honestly, with her still not getting the deepest sense of who I am as a full blown DL. I drive for a living now, so I live the lifestyle 24/7, in diapers, currently in a truck stop, in the company of hundreds of other trucks, with my curtains drawn, and just being me, in diapers... not wanting to make it known to anyone else here that this is how I live my life, but able to keep up with the BIG BOYs, moving 40 tons of man & machine around the US each and every day. The wife is fully aware of my diapered state, but never says a word about it. I will never bring it back up, until she does. A year or so ago her words were that she didn't ever sign up for having a husband in diapers, but, yes, she did... She took the ring. She took the money. She took my seed. And, she still takes my money (and doesn't work herself....) and parts of my heart....

    Oh, well, hope that your marriage starts out right, and that with all the information available on the net, you and he are able to make a great diapered couple, or daddy/daughter, if that's what you prefer. For me, I've asked my wife to make sure I'm diapered when I'm buried or cremated, though God only knows if she'll have the courage. It's taken me a lifetime of courage to life this life, and be normal in all other ways, so hopefully she'll muster up what it takes to abide by my wishes, in the end...


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    Quote Originally Posted by Snivy View Post
    Wow a book! Welcome to ADISC from a fellow snivy! We all or some of us love diapers up here and half the stuff you named I will ensure you that you are going to make lots of friends here. Again welcome.
    Thanks, snivy! (but you know, I gotta ask, what's a snivy???)
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