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Thread: greetings to all

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    Default greetings to all

    Hi everone feel free to mail me. Im 32 girl in diapers. Love them

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    Quote Originally Posted by babylinda View Post
    Hi everone feel free to mail me. Im 32 girl in diapers. Love them
    Welcome babylinda! It takes awhile before you can get PMs here (1 week and 20 posts). As a support community we like to get to know each other a little better. In the meantime, can you tell us a little more about your non-AB/DL interests? I'm an avid reader and like to swim when I can. Feel free to read the threads and contribute to any that interest you!

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    Welcome Linda! I am also a diaper wearing lady in my 30s. It is really nice. ADISC is a great support in this interest.

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    hi there! welcome to the greatest place on the interweb XD ADISC is such a cool place for meeting people and finding more about yourself and what we're into. i hope you enjoy it but tell us more about you, like what you like to do, what sports you play, whats your favorite food, or just random stuff you like and dislike :P
    be sure to post a lot to make your name green so we can message you. nobody can until you make 20 posts and have been here for like a week i think.

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    HI LInda I am new too would love to chat and be friends

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    Baby Linda,

    Could you tell us all a little more about yourself. Might be worth looking at the intros tutorial...

    A good intro really helps us get to know you and helps you make friends.

    Welcome to the forums,


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    Hi linda, i hope you have a fantastic time here and make friends quickly. if theres anything you would like to talk about, im here ^_^

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