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Thread: Looking for a freind.

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    Default Looking for a freind.

    Hay guys,

    I'm not that willing to disclose much about myself but as you can probably tell I do have a dark secret.

    After recently graduating high school I'm looking for someone that shares my common intrest with diapers. Nobody knows about my secret fetish and it would be a big relief to talk to some people about it finally.

    I've tried looking for people that share my intrest but its pretty difficult.

    If anyone knows a good site to find a person I described above that would be great. I'm 18, and looking for a girl to spend some time with.

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    Hello boobleeboo and welcome to the group.

    The best way to meet people is to tell us a little bit more about yourself such as your hobbies and interests.

    Also be careful and read the rules, we are not a hookup site. But there is a lot of opportunities to get to meet people from all over the world here.

    Again welcome to the group.

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    Welcome! I know how it feels to have a secret. It feels much better not to have one of you are able to find a supporting environment like ADISC to share in.

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    Welcome to the forums!

    The secrets are so much easier to carry in here! They are a good bunch and very supportive. Do watch the rules however. Sure, being on the site, you will get to know people but meeting up is not the main point of these forums. It is meant to be a safe space where we can talk about life, the universe and everything (oh, and to not feel odd sitting at the desk, typing on the computer while padded...).

    If you are looking for meetups, head over to Fetlife but be careful in there... Some people are successful users, others run away, very, very fast...

    Hope you enjoy the forums.


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    So you're a diaper fetishist looking for some sort of relationship with another girl? Hmmm If you're shy to talk about yourself, maybe you could describe what you seek in an other? Adisc isn't per se a dating site. But Fetlife has many events, singles ads and so on listed. You could try diapermates also, which is a dating site. You don't say if you are gay, bi, or whatever, and you're pretty vague about what sort of person you seek. ab and dl girls are in the minotity in the community but I assure you they exist.

    Going to a munch would be a good bet to find a live companion. Munches are social get-togethers in public places like cafe's (sometimes picnics) and are casual, relaxed affairs. So yeah look at Fetlife, and its many groups under "ageplay" or "diapesr" or "littles." also is a good resource

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