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    I am a diaper lover (in a way). I am new to the DL scene, and I don't consider them to be as much of a fetish, but more of a form of comfort. I like diaperfur and just babyfur pictures. Also, can someone tell me where I can get a fur picture? Thanks!

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    Hi hi Ryan! Nice to meet you, and I find it nice that, although I'm certain there are others already on here, someone else wears just for comfort. As for the fur pictures, just ask around, there are many aspiring artists on here!
    Enjoy your stay at Adisc!

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    Welcome Ryan! DL for comfort is great to be. I am too 75% of the time. Sometimes I get a little too excited about them.

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    Well, code of conduct, relaxation accessory, fetish, fashion statement, or whatever term suits your fancy. It's just pychobabble.

    What do you mean by "fur picture?" Artwork of imagined furs? Like how they imagine themselves?

    I got my avatar done by Marci, I commissioned it when I met her at a convention. She's a babyfur artist of some renown. I would suggest you look around on Furaffinity, and Deviantart, maybe Babyfur.ME and decide whose work you like. Then head over to the artist's own site and see if they are accepting commissions, and email them and arrange for them to make you something. I had a pre-existing image and I asked Marci to reproduce it in her style; and she did. Oh, it's a good idea to agree with an artist on how you intend to use their work, what rights you get along with a copy of the work itself. A one-time use, like for your living room wall? A con-badge? Many artists sell copies for $10 a print and an 8X10 original is obviously worth more than that. By the way, here is an existing thread in re: your question.
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    I meant like how I would imagine myself. Thanks for the recommendation and help.

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