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Thread: Recruiting Snivylings

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    Default Recruiting Snivylings

    I am making a group particularly for Snivy lovers or Snivy carers and I am inviting all of those who adore the Snivy or Want a snivy. I only have one friend so I am seeking more snivy guys!

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    I likes pokemans, although i've never been a major snivy fan in particular. I added u. you should join the North Carolina AB/DL's group.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CrypticTaco View Post
    Or form a new group:

    Groups -
    I did make a group. That's why I was asking.

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    Personally, Snivy was my first choice, and my favorite Pokemon.

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    I chose Snivy in Generation V. I have chose the grass type since Treeko in Generation III. Mainly because I liked them most out of the three. I do also have a few grass types I like a lot that are not starters too.

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    Woo-hoo 5 members for a small group! I deeply appreciate every-last one of y'all!

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