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    I haven't really posted anything in a long time on ADISC, but in the meantime, I have been wearing more and more often. And something has come to my attention as I wear. Where the tapes of the diaper be actually placed? I ask as my tapes never reach the front of my waist anymore they are on the front ends. Should they be on the front of the waist? Does this mean I have to get a bigger size next time?

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    its what you feel comfortable with, mediums on me the tape barely comes to the front of sides i like because the fit is cozy, the large ones the tapes goes a few inches around both sides and is bulky but i like them because they hold more but not as comfy

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    I agree its what you feel comfortable with. I wear the large or extra large. I like the tapes in front of my waist line. The diaper feels more secure on me than having the tapes on the side of the waist line. I like it because it will have a nice bulge in front of the diaper too.

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