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Thread: Describe your ideal caretaker

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    Default Describe your ideal caretaker

    I think all of us have a fantasy of what our ideal caretaker is like in terms if looks and personality. Without necessarily naming who (Mom, friend, a crush) describe what this caretaker looks and acts like, maybe specific quirks you'd like. I don't think everyone on here has the same idea of a typical young blonde with big breasts sterotype, some of us have an idea or a vision of a more modest looking woman/man. I'd love to hear everyone describe how they look and act, ex; How do they react to a poopy diaper? What's their idea age? Under what circumstances do they know you? What are they like when you're on the changing table. I'd love to hear it!

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    on another thread what tv person whould be your ideal caregiver someone posted abby of the tv show NCIS for me she would be perfect she gothic with pony tails and such an awesome personality so cute!! I know she wears diapers and is ab also!!! I only pee in my diapers so at changing i would expect her to do the basic tickling ect!! How about yours?

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    My caretaker would breast-feed me all night and tell me to go potty so I would not forget. He would probably pat my padded rear and say that he liked it. I am not ready for much more than that.

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    Mine would have to be a typical young blonde with big br....jk. In all reality, my idea of a perfect girl as a caretaker. About my height, a little thin but not all bones, pleasant facial features, light brown hair with small blonde accents and bright blue eyes. My age or close to it. I would want there to be a relationship where we share roles.

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    104 year old women with strong arms.

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    Mine would be my wife. We play "baby" to a small degree, and I always love it.

    As for Abby from NCSI, I had to laugh because I enjoy her on the show. She does have that certain "something".

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    hmmm...difficult one. my DL side would really not mind, though my AB and sissy sides have something extremely specific, as far as looks go, i find hoomans really gross me out for some reason, i think it's the feet.... but it'd definitely be a female, young and preferably asexual, though there's nothing to say it can't be a guy. like i say, they'd be young, but act far more mature than their age, and for a female, lactation would be preferable, but not essential.

    personality, which is more important, they should be incredibly sensetive and emotional, easily attatched to people or objects, which would make them take that extra care and show that extra parental affection i've been thoroughly starved of, and crave, to get me to obey to anything requires an extremely gentle approach (authority issues) most of all the relationship between myself and them should be nothing erotic whatsoever, representing a purer, more tender kind of relationship based on trust and love from both partners.

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    My would be a beautiful tiger mom who loves to take care of me. First she would lay me down on the changing table. Then she would put my pacifier in my mouth. Next she would change my dirty diaper. When she is done she says, "All better now". Then she pulls me up were I am just sitting on the changing table. Next she takes my hand and says, "Let's go play outside".

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    A Torah observant, believer in Messiah Yahshua. Yahshua is the only rabbi who's opinion should matter, so no talmud, only Old & New Covenants, who has great morals, is heathy, kind-eyed, brave, strong shouldered, & is former Israeli Defense Force, & as such, Krav Maga (Israeli martial arts) trained, with a background in psychology, & understands Cerebral Palsy, who loves the arts, & being outside, but loves me more. He's about 5'7" & muscular, but not huge. I love the Israeli accent. He might have emotional wounds, like me, & is sensitive, but he's the kind of guy that when he says, "Back off, & leave her alone," people do, without question. I can believe him when he tells me I can use my pull-ups, or other AB things, without anything bad happening. He'd keep little me & big me entirely separate, so we wouldn't bring sex into little time,& unless I mess, he doesn't put me flat on my back, & even then, no bad, horrible, forsaken table! If a mess did happen, he would talk about a special interest of mine, to distract me from being scared. He's the kind of guy who, in a life threatening situation, I knew for a fact, if I did what was asked, I'd live. He'd be 10-15 years older than I.

    Mix all that with the, "It's not your fault," scene from Good Will Hunting.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SpAzpieSweeTot View Post
    A Torah observant, believer in Messiah Yahshua, who has great morals . . .He'd be 10-15 years older than I.

    Mix all that with this:
    This is excellent! Wow! That is what lasting relationships are made out of. So with so many details, do you already know the ideal caretaker? That reminds me of Bible explorations TV.

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