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    hello my name Josh, ive loved diapers since a bit after i was potty trained. i wish i never was! i just really would like some friends with this same interest/love! honestly for a long time i thought something was wrong with me i always wanted to wear diapers ans felt so safe and happy in them. im a pretty normal guy and honestly hide this love to the point i try not to wear diapers but at the end of the day i wish i was and often give in. ive never had a mommy or even anyone to regress with so im lonely in this aspect.

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    so nice to meet you all and i hope we can get along well. i really wanna be more open about my love at least online personally i wish i could find a gf with the same love but when i try it doesnt go well >.<

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    Hi and welcome. As you can see from the existence of this forum, and the fact that I am typing this, there are many others like you!

    It's honestly not a good idea to try to suppress this part of you. It's okay to wear diapers! As long as it's not hurting yourself or others, you'll be fine.

    Anyway, we like to get to know our new members a bit better. Is there anything you'd like to share about yourself? Your hobbies or interests? I'm guessing by your username your favorite diaper is GoodNites?

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    Hello there Goodnights,

    Well, you are in the right place that is for sure. I'm quite new too and have been interested in diapers for some time but only recently plucked up the courage and glad that I have.

    This is a good safe place with some lovely people who understand what it has taken to get here. Browse the forums and join in.

    Aside from being a DL, tell us some more about you. It really helps us get to know you and support each other.


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    Welcome Josh. Awesome sharing. Diapers love me like nothing else can. I really like them a lot.

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    Welcome aboard to ADISC from a personal pokemon that loves diapers as well! Hope you enjoy your stay bro!

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    Yes, finding a nice, liberal-minded romantic partner who is open to fetishes, is your cup of tea in the attractiveness department, the right gender for you, the right orientation, close enough geographically to date, and is single, and the same age, can be asking a lot. Maybe too much. I have had partners who loved and accepted me, warts an' all, who knew of my fetish but who wanted no part of it. I once met a gal who has her own kinks, and respects mine, but doesn't share it, as a caretaker, dom, mommy or otherwise. Life is tough being a hetero male ab. Often the best you can do is find a kinky girl, and take turns indulging each other's kinks. I have heard gay males are a bit more open, in general, to kinkiness than heteros, but of course, this says nothing about how an individual gay dude will be. They can be as straight-laced, conservative and right wing as they come.

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