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Thread: Anthrocon 2009

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    Default Anthrocon 2009

    Anthrocon 2009: OMG Aliens! | "Fur, Fun, And So Much More!"

    Who's attending?

    I'll be visiting a friend around that time.... I did plan on going, not to the convention itself, but just to visit the numerous people who were going to be there.

    If there are enough people going, it might just be worth the visit, (and gas, or whatev.)

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    i realy realty want to go but cause of my curent situation i would need help

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    I won't mind going, but I would need a ride there lol

    Edit: Only take me 11 hours 50 mins to get to Pittsburgh...I wish I had a car lol
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    I live about 30 miles from Pittsburgh. I'm sure it could be fun, but I'm probably not going.

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    OMG Me me me ^^

    I'm goin with Drew. =D

    Yups. And Umm... I'm pretty sure Baby Jake is going too.
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    Further Confusion 2009...I will hate you for ever if you go to that without me...I'm 30 minutes from the Doubletree Hotel in San Jose, CA, which is where further confusion is going to be. Curse my grades- the only thing stopping me from getting a car...

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    I am going yes... but I will be about as elusive there as I am here nowadays.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BabyGrizzy View Post
    Curse my grades- the only thing stopping me from getting a car...
    You have to work before you can play.

    I'm surprised Priest hasn't posted in this thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by xdeadx View Post
    OMG Me me me ^^
    I wanna go just to give you a huge hug. O.O

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    I might be going...dont know yet, been dealing with alot of bull shit lately...

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