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    During the 6-7 days I have been on this forum I have met some cool staff compared to the others I run into all the time on other website staff. I always thought these staff are like others...doing their job and making sure it's strict...but I was wrong...and the best thing about these staff they like to have fun in on conversations and chat for a little while.

    @Eulogy-Who closed the thread explaining stuff was completely out of control, and advice on how to just ignore and report IF it's chaos. Loves to talk and have fun with people.

    @Nihlus-Who explained the REP stuff a little more and I actually understood it. Also checking up on the stuff I have been doing! I was clueless even if I read the rules and explanation he told me right away which I deeply appreciate!

    @Near-Who had fun with comments he made especially my recent closed thread which I surely laughed at "worry about lightning"

    You guys rock! I hope you keep it up. If it's in the wrong thread I am sorry I'm just enjoying my stay...(No i'm not advertising, I'm complimenting!)
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    I meant he for all of them...I read alot of chick flicks cause of my girlfriend I have outside disorder or something haha. Force of habit on "she" alot....

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    And when you're my age, they are boys, comparatively, lucky them. But yeah, they are nice guys and they possess this sense of "cool".

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    THe Mods here are way better than the so-called caretakers on fetlife

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