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Thread: Is anybody out there suffer from Nocturnal Enuresis (Bedwetting).

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    Default Is anybody out there suffer from Nocturnal Enuresis (Bedwetting).

    I have not had a night without wearing a nappy/pad or plastic/rubber pants for 69 years now, I have been admitted to various hospitals throughout GB, but despite all the tests, and promises, I am still a bed wetter at 69 years old.
    I have read various reports from so called long term bed wetters, but I feel that half of them just want to, justify having to wear plastic/rubber pants as it excites them, or reminds them of their childhood, or they wear for some fwetish reason, what ever they wear them for, best of luck to them.
    I have to now wear either Rubber/PVC pants and nappy pads 24/7, so it as been a case of get on with it, over the years I have met quite a few people who admit to having a craving for the smell and touch of plastic macs and pants, but they can never sadly get anybody to share it with them, and they are frightened of being branded dirty old men, or pervs etc, one of my closest friends found out on the internet how to become incontinent, he managed it, only to change his mind, as he had met a nice young lady, but he couldnt stop as he had no control over his bladder actions, she wasnt impressed with him, and left him saying she wanted a man not a baby to live with, he went from clinic to hospitals having tests, all told him the same thing, they couldnt reverse it, would be that simple, so for the rest of his life, he had no control over his bladder or any anus control, so he can poo or pee his pants without any notice, I always think be careful for what you pray for, there is always a catch.
    I am glad there are sites for us Bed Wetters and us Plastic freaks as one TV show called us, its a matter of choice as long as we dont push it on others that arent interested, I have met many people such as myself who wear pvc macs in public, and if its raining I wear a pair of pvc overtrousers as well, if they dont like it, thats tough, one man took offence at me wearing my wet weather gear, on a bus once, he called me a pervert and a queer, I said that I was very happily married to my good wife, and I did dabble in the wonderful world of gay people, but I only wore these garments to keep dry, I said by looks of you, you must have walked through a water falls to get that wet, perhaps you are a water pervert, he shut up and sat down, only to be told by the bus driver to stand up and get the seats wet.

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    I use to. I am a heavy sleeper and sometime sleep through the "you need to wake up and go" messages, by the time I do its too late. Hasn't happened in a while but I wear disposables and thick, noisy plastic pants for pleasure and 'just in case'.

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    I do and I'm 43
    plus there are many others on this site that do as well so your not alone.

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    I do also and come morning my AIO is soaked.

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    Close to your age, I regularly wet the bed till about nine years old and purposely regressed back to it in my twenties. Differing from your friend, for the most part I only wet in my sleep when hydrated and wearing diapers. However and considerably more than in the past, I've had several unplanned accidents the last few months.

    In my mind I have never suffered from Nocturnal Enuresis, more the opposite. Even as a child a part of me enjoyed the shame and sensations of bed-wetting. As an adult itís who I am, Iím a bed wetter and proud of it. And yes, I definitely have the Rubber/PVC/Diaper kinks you reference.

    Question for you, your friend who became incontinent, did he do something physical to himself or simply undo the potty training wiring in his head?

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