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Thread: Advice needed first poopy diaper change by nanny

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    Default Advice needed first poopy diaper change by nanny

    Hi advice needed I'm finally going to fill my diaper and be changed my nanny this weekend and Im real nervous. Who has done this? What's is really like and where the persons changing you really ok with it? Is it easier to fill your diaper when no ones in the room or looking? Cheers

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    First bit of advise DON'T hold it back when you feel it coming just let it come , I have no problems doing it any where ,hey some times I don't have time to move rooms as I suffer from occasional IBS

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    Warm, caffeinated drinks help, so does laying on you're left side, slightly raised up on one foot. The bowels end on the left side of the belly. Abdominal massage helps, too. In a squatted position, your legs can actually support your bowels, helping them empty. You might be too freaked out at first, because you've learned its wrong to poo your pants. Unless the person changing you is actively distracting you from being ashamed, having people looking sucks. Remind yourself that that's the purpose of a diapey. You're doing nothing bad. Before you even feel the need to poop, distract yourself from the, "No; bad; wrongs," by doing something enjoyable, find a good position, relax, & let it go. Nanny will be fine.
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    It is a lot easier than wetting since you can just push. If you don't try to hold back, it is really easy to push it out especially if you need to go.

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