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Thread: Avitar artist?

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    Default Avitar artist?

    I am new here and seen alot of awesome, cute cuddly avatars!!!! I researched artists and had not much luck!!! I have seen stolen ones!!! thats not what i am about and the reason i dont have one!!!! If you are an avatar artist or know someone who is please let me know!!! feeling a little nude even diapered!!

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    Thanks Babygohan!!! I will look into it just want an original like me!!!

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    Hey if you find an artist that will do an avatar please tell me as I have been looking for some one to make a MLP one for me. Thanks

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    Default has TONS of artists who will draw MLP Icons for pretty cheap

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    I draw as a hobby and wouldn't mind doing some pieces for folks. I've been trying to find some inspiration to draw lately anyway. But just so you know, I won't draw sex or anything gross, a little kinky is fine though. PM me.

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