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    Hello, I'm new and just wanted to share my story about how this all started.

    I have been into wetting myself from a young age, and did it on purpose as much as I could. Then eventually I had to grow up but still enjoyed the occasional sneaky pants wetting. Then when I was around 8 I had gone to get one of my sisters nappies from my mum, and with even thinking picked one up for myself and hid it in my room. I then continued my day and began to leak in my pants every 10 minutes or so for fun, then I remembered I had a nappy in my room.

    I headed up to my room and shut the door, I took my jeans off and lay down. I had grabbed a tub of cream from down stairs so I applied that and strapped my nappy on. I stood up and felt it for a bit and looked in the mirror. I went to pick up my wet jeans and hid them under my bed as I always did (until they dried out). I put on another pair of jeans and headed downstairs. Then my friend asked me to come out and play so I left the house and as soon as I got down the pavement I realised I still had a nappy on, but I figured I would get away with wearing it.

    Whilst I was playing on the street with my friends they all said they needed to pee(they just peed in the street), and I noticed how badly I needed to go, but instead of joining them I just waited for them to finish. Whilst my friends peed, I decided to pee in my nappy. It was so warm and comfy and I just continued to wear it, even wetting it twice more.

    It began to leak a little on my way back to the house so I thought, whats the point in stopping now, so I stood still and completely soaked it. I got in the house and ran upstairs to hide my wet jeans, the nappy went in the bin.

    As I started to get into my teenage years I began to realise that this was not just a bit of fun and it was a fetish. I would buy nappies in secret (usually drynites) and have to hide them. I still enjoy wetting myself "accidents" if I have no nappies, and I love to regress whenever I can (thumb sucking, bottles, cream and powder, bedwetting)

    Would love to hear more stories and if you would like to hear more from me let me know!


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    Welcome Emily! Do you prefer Emily or littleella93? I used to wet when I was in high school. Only once a week on laundry day. I did my own laundry so no one knew. I didn't even think of diapers until I became a father. I've been a member here for over a year now. What are some of your other non-diaper interests?

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    I prefer Emily I still love a good wetting, although diapers make for an easier clean up and you can be wet all the time I study film, so I spend a lot of my spare time directing and writing my own short films! What about you?

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    I'm a film watcher and a book reader. Are any of your films on Youtube or anything like that?

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    Unfortunately they are not, as I have had copyright issues beforehand, although I hope to get something sorted in the next few months currently working on a big project!

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    Welcome Emily!

    I know exactly how you feel. I always wet myself for fun since I was preschool age. I found some training pants in some hand me down donations from another family. I thought I was potty trained until I discovered how warm and soft they were and I started wetting all over again. I never got caught wetting except when I grew out of them and thought putting on several pair of underwear might be just as fun. Mom did not like that.

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    Hello fascinating lady,

    I have been caught a handful of times but have always blown it off as an accident! wetting always comes in handy when nappies are scarce ! Wish I could do it more often

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    Welcome, littleella93. It is always nice to have someone new here in the forum, and you do seem to be able to tell a tale smoothly.

    The Stories forum is not really a "How I got into diapers" forum, though; it is a place for fiction...or, perhaps, what one might call enhanced memoir. We'd love to see what you can do fleshing out a story into something greater than a simple introduction. Looking forward to future contributions,


    (Note: I moved the thread here to the Greetings/Introductions Forum because it seemed more appropriate.)
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    Hi Emily welcome and i love your story!!! It brings back great memories!!!! sounds alot like me when I was younger.

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    Hello Keith

    Thanks, I know I love reading peoples stories haha

    - - - Updated - - -

    Thanks Kerry, I will have a go, always feel like the story is missing something when its not real though

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