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    Well, I guess my time has come to make a post so I can continue to use this site. I have been using for a long time, generally at night to keep the bed dry. I do appreciate being able to learn about what products work for people and get ideas about haw this effects others. I can't say that I mind the problem and I do not mind wearing most of the time. I generally find that I sleep much better and am more relaxed when I am wearing than not. I would much rather be wearing when sleeping next to my wife than not, I just hate it when we both wake up in a puddle.

    Oh, I just thought I would mention that I generally used Depend Fitted Briefs. They work pretty good for me. I have also tried the CVS brand fitted briefs, I think they are DAY & NIGHT or something like that. I accidentally bought the wrong size, too small, so I am not sure how well they actually work for me and I generally like plastic backed products and not the cloth like. I really liked the old Sav-On brand, but there is no more Sav-on fitted briefs/overnight briefs. I have been wondering if the Equaline Overnight Fitted Briefs are the same as the old Sav-on ones.
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    Default Welcome to ADISC newbie!

    :bunny: Sounds like you wear/use diapers out of necessity. I'm older and "in training" for my future. Hope you like it here, best of luck! :bunny:

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