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Thread: Hello :)

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    Red face Hello :)

    Hello! I'm Emily

    I study film at college, I have never actually met anyone or spoken to anyone who is into this Would be nice to get to know people

    I've been into this since I can remember really!

    Into nappies, regressing, abdl and wetting.

    Would be nice to hear from people


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    Welcome Emily!

    Another Scot I see!

    Plenty people on this forum to chat to. Take a foray into the Adult Baby, Sissy and DL categories and you will find many, many kindred spirits.


    - - - Updated - - -

    Sorry Emily, should have also asked if you have any interests outside of AB/DL.

    In my case I'm off to indulge in one of them - Cinema... Might have an ice cream while I'm there (If I've not been too naughty and deserve it that is!)


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    Hello DLE,

    Yes I am a scot I'm actually really into film haha! seeing as I study it


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    Emily (Ella?)

    No highbrow stuff tonight - just the new Arnie move with my brother...

    Favorite film? Mine is a toss up between Citizen Kane and Devdas - Do like my Bollywood on occasion.

    How about you?


    PS - Heading out now or I'll be late. Ill post later.

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    Hi and welcome, Emily. I hope you have a great time here.

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    Ella is just my e-mail because Emily was taken Favorite film has to be Amour by Michael Haneke or the life of David Gale, I find it far to hard to pick! Have fun!

    Hello Adrian! I'm sure I will!


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    Good evening with my Brother, on the other hand, don't bother with the film (needless to say).

    As to your favorite films, I confess that I have not seen either, I'll add the to the list for a wet, rainy evening seeing as we get plenty of those.


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    Hey Emily ! Pleasure to meet a fellow UK fur sorta :P I mean I know your way up there in Scotland and I'm all the way down here on the North but still it's a pleasure to meet you!! Xx

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    DLE, aw well you better get watching get padded at the same time

    Matty, I know feels good to know i'm not the only one


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    When we can message you should totally drop me a message and say hi!! I'm always on my phone so shouldn't be hard to reach me at times xx

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