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Thread: hi everyone

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    Default hi everyone

    im new here not sure what to say if you want to know anything just ask

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    Quote Originally Posted by jvickabdl View Post
    im new here not sure what to say if you want to know anything just ask
    Welcome to ADISC.
    I see you're into Martial Arts: which one(s) do you study?

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    Hi and welcome !!!! your not sure what to say? well im asking!! how about basics, What do you like to do? work, fun, hobbies, sports, gaming, online etc , welcome again an i hope you enjoy ADISC as much as do!!!

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    I study kendo

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    for fun I do martial arts I don't play much online games and my work I would like to keep private

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    Welcome to ADISC. Do you still fit baby Pampers at 20?! I mean I don't know if USA baby Pampers are bigger than UK baby Pampers (I'm from the UK meself!), I grew out of baby nappies at the age of 13 so yeah I'm curious...on top of all that you did say ask! That question aside...welcome once again to ADISC. BMS

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    Welcome, and are you a diaper lover, adult baby, diaperfur, etc...? Again, Welcome to ADISC.

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