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Thread: Greetings everyone!

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    Red face Greetings everyone!

    Hello everyone my name is Matthew. I'm a friendly guy and always happy to help anyone. I'm in a happy relationship with a girl who isn't into diapers but does like being my carer. I'm in my last year of college.

    I come here looking for others who like diapers, I personally don't wear diapers 24/7 but that's because I still live with my parents. I wear them for pleasure but also as a comfort thing.

    I'm a PC gamer with my favorite genre being strategy although I do like to play other genres of games. I'm currently playing two games. War thunder and Fistful of Frags. I'm also a techy, I have upgraded my PC for around . . . 3 year's now and I own an android phone running a custom rom. I also may or may not be a pirate (Y'aaarrrrrr!).

    From this site im looking for friendship and advice. Although I have liked diapers for at least 3-5 year's ive only really embraced them since being with my girlfriend. She's made me confident in myself and taught me not to hide who I am. This means I will probably need some advice from time to time but I also look forward to talking to new people with similar interests.

    To conclude (god I feel like im writing an essay for college haha) I'm looking forward to meeting new people and I know im going to enjoy my stay here.
    Hope this was enough for an intro haha :P x

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    Welcome matty491! Yes, you gave a wonderful introduction and any questions you have, please ask! We are a support group to help each other through our "interesting" hobbies. Feel free to jump into any of the threads you like, too. And, to conclude, there are many, many UK members here. Enjoy!

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    Hello Matthew and welcome to the group.

    This was more then enough and informative introduction.

    Welcome to the group.

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    Yay but to be honest I did cheat and use the cheat sheet :P hehe oh well not like it's going to be scrutinised too much aye guys :P x thanks for the warm welcome both of you

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    Welcome Matthew! Great to know you. I like Puzzle Pirates, but do not play regularly. My x was too jealous of good looking pirates such as yourself, and then I just stay so busy as a single mom. I think with games I am on binge and purge. I keep uninstalling them because they take up too much time. I mostly play on Android anyway. I am playing Jewel Star and Fashion Story Android these days.

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    Ahh see I've never actually had a binge purge for video games, only binge purge I've had is with diapers :')

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