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    Red face Ultimate Relaxation

    Yesterday, I enjoyed some beautiful fishing while in my diapers. It was an absolutely gorgeous day. Sunny, big clouds, cool not hot, and the fish were biting! I just leisurely walked around the lake casting to my hearts content and reeling 'em in.

    I was rocking and Abena M-4 with no cares in the world. I'm glad I was too! I had had a very very large tea earlier and knew that I would wet the Abena while I was out, but I was not prepared for the "stomach issue" that slipped out later in the day. Luckily, it was a solid and small, just very very slippery for some reason. I would've had a legit accident if i had not been padded. That's the first time that's happened since I was a child.

    There was a heart wrenching gut kicking moment that struck me. I giggled later because I must have looked like a little kid doing the bathroom dance. When my stomach cramped I came to a reactionary halt, afraid to move. For a moment a thought of impending doom crossed my mind as I stood there legs clenched, panic about to set in. Then I remembered I was prepared and relaxed again.

    It actually just added to the heightened sense of relaxation to my day. I was in nature, outside, fishing, padded, and did not have to worry about a pending accident. I was truly relaxed for the first time in recent memory without a care in the world. Gonna have to repeat this experience for sure.

    What a beautiful day. Anyone else ever have a padded bliss moment?

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    Unfortunately no, but I'm planning on it eventually! My closest one was more of a relief than a padded bliss moment. Being sick with the runs and remembering you have a stash of diapers in your closet is one of the best things ever. I was sitting there for hours thinking "Man, I wish I didn't have to go to the bathroom all the damn time. If only I had a diaper or something..." Until I realized, "Oh wait, I'm a DL. Of course I have diapers!"

    I went snowboarding while padded and that was a cool experience, but I wouldn't say blissful. The M4 kept swelling to the point that I thought people would notice it even under my snowpants. But being able to cruise around the snow while padded was so much fun.

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    I would love this but I usually am too stressed when I'm wearing diapers outside. The fear of being seen takes over.

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    I have been out camping with diapers a few times, but unfortunately I'm almost always with family and friends, which kind of strips the enjoyment aspect of it away.

    I've gotten very good at wearing discreetly, but I still can't shake the paranoid and worry, even when we're out camping!

    Ah well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by storywriter View Post
    I would love this but I usually am too stressed when I'm wearing diapers outside. The fear of being seen takes over.
    Just make a lie up saying I have a bladder infection...wanna laugh now?

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    Getting ready to go diapered fishing again. Can't pass up on this kind of relaxation!

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