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Thread: Catheters

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    Default Catheters

    Does anyone have experience with wearing a catheter?

    Does anyone still or currently use a catheter?

    What's your experience been like?

    I've often wondered about using catheters but haven't had the guts to try yet...

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    Catheters are such a terrible idea. Even for medicinal issues. Blech.

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    You know, it's something I thought about in the past. Not too seriously, but something I thought would be cool to have the whole losing control experience.

    But, it never happened, and for various (good!) reasons. For one, I just can't imagine sticking a tube up my pee-hole. The idea still irks me, even if it were done by a medical professional. However, most importantly, if not done correctly it can cause serious health problems. If it's not inserted correctly you could damage your urethra or bladder or other sensitive things in there, and if it's not sterilized properly you could develop some nasty infections.

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    ill just say there not fun

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    Been there, Done that! Not shure I should discuss it in detail here in a teen based public forum. It can be good but learn and read alot before attempting. Cleanleness is #1 and be willing to see a Dr. if there is any possibility of infection.


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    I never thought about using one and I heard they hurt a little even when correctly put in.

    However I think I'll be okay with a enema but that's a different matter anyways.

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    Default Catheter play

    It's umm... interesting. And as was said already, risky. Need to be very careful that everything is clean and sterile to minimize the risk of a UTI. Drink lots of fluid afterwards as well to flush out the system. Some good information on catheter play is available at a medicaltoys website that ADISC rules is refusing to allow me to post since this is only my third post.

    When I was experimenting I had several different sizes that I tried. While they all worked, in all but one case it felt like I had to pee really, really badly the entire time it was in. The last one just felt like I sort of had to pee. It is very disconcerting to feel like you have to pee, then flexing the muscles to try to pee like normal and not have anything happen.

    Inserting it feels very strange. You can feel it sliding somewhere inside you but can't really pinpoint where. A line of cold that starts at the outside and leads somewhere in your insides. As it gets further in the urge to pee gets stronger and stronger. It's uncomfortable but doesn't really hurt.

    When I played I let it drain directly into the diaper, something not recommended due to the chance of things traveling back up into the bladder. It was also difficult to get the external bit of the catheter and the penis in a relatively comfortable position that doesn't shift when you move. Not good when there is a thingy sticking out of your penis that is moving around when you walk. The lubricant at the outside end wears down and that friction starts becoming unpleasant.

    All of that, generally not so bad. Not comfortable, but not bad. I think I could deal with it for a few hours before the constant feeling of "I really have to pee!" gets old.

    The bad part was removal. Bladder and urethra have been clamping down for some time due to that "Must pee!" feeling. Still clamping down now. As the first little bit slides out the urge to pee gets even stronger so you clamp down even more which increases friction on the tube. Friction on your insides is not very pleasant. Stop pulling it out until you relax a bit and stop clamping down. Start sliding it out again and promptly clamp down again. At this point though when you clamp down it also starts pushing the catheter out, as if your peeing out a long latex tube. Pause, relax, and repeat until it's all the way out. Yay! All done and everything is back to normal, right?

    Nope. Not yet. The worst part is coming. For the next 12-36 hours it will burn every time you pee and you'll have to pee fairly often the first few hours after it's removed. Unfortunately you'll only be peeing a little bit each time and the worst pain is when you first start to pee.

    My initial thought was the leftover lubricant on the inside had to get flushed out. While writing this though I realized that there may be some inflammation and irritation inside the urethra from that friction during the removal. Definitely seen irritation on the penis head and urethra opening so I imagine the inside of the urethra may have something similar. Probably both since I'm pretty sure I could feel the beginning of the line of burning moving from my inside toward the outside with each pee. The burning pee hurts. A lot. Probably similar to passing a kidney stone.

    Also, masturbating while a catheter is inserted is a bad idea. Did that the first time. Having to keep the dangly catheter controlled so it isn't rubbing the tip of the urethra is difficult. Assuming that is managed, when you ejaculate there is no where for the semen to easily go due to the catheter being in the way. It will slowly work its way out around the catheter but is accompanied by pain similar to the burning pee pain.

    So... yeah. After all of that I can say that I did find it interesting to play with. Losing the ability to control my pee gave some insight into being incontinent. It was fascinating yet irritating to have pee dribble and spurt out uncontrollably. Filled and leaked through a my diaper a few different times without being aware of it until I stood up. That was also fascinating. And annoying.

    Anyway, I don't recommend catheter play. I personally found it interesting to try but it is risky and the aftereffects suck something fierce.
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