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    Default AB Fantasy

    I want to know what every ones adult baby fantasy is. It would be nice if you kept it short and dont ramble on about every detail, with that said here is mine.

    My adult baby fantasy would be to find a "mommy" to adopt me and treat me like a real baby. This meaning real adult baby diapers (not incontinents ones) a crib, chanching table, baby food, breast feed, bottle of milk, play pen, etc.

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    I'd like to find a girl to marry that would be both a mommy and my playmate/baby. That would be my fantasy. I think i'd have more fun being playmates with each other more of the time than me always getting babied. I'd feel like I was the one getting all of the benefits of being the baby, it would be more fun to know that she got to enjoy it too, that is, under the premise that she actually enjoyed it.
    Then we would have a specific room that would be the nursery, with a queen/king size crib, lots of stuffies, changing table, and a wall full of diapers.

    I think that would fulfill my fantasies.

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    Hmm, meet someone who loves and accepts me, and makes me feel special for my peculiarities. I want someone who on a wild occassion (or more regularly) decides to diaper me up, or change me out of a feeling of love and support, because they want to.

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    well for me. i guess it would be finding a daddy who could be my daddy but alos my partner and be there for other more adult needs now and again. be able to have the same said person change me if i need a diaper change, baby me like a real baby and look after me feed me and stuff like that. but also play with me as well and accept me for who i am i guess to put it shortly.

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    I want to find a lifelong partner that would care for me and baby me and who is ether a AB/DL or someone very understanding of it. Someone who will cuddle me, care for me and will give me diaper changes when needed.

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    I would want someone who is AB/DL but is a switch when it comes to being caregiver. I love to be the caregiver, but I want my own time to be little as well, and anyone who would be willing to help me after I help them would probably work well with me in a relationship. I would also prefer to have much more of a 'little' relationship than an AB one. Not to say I don't enjoy diapers (I wouldn't be here if I didn't) but I prefer to hang around the toddler and older age range. I feel like there's a lot less limitations on things you can do with your SO that way. Plus I freakin' love legos, and you don't give babies legos to play with!

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    I would like to find a girlfriend/mommy who would like to occasionally diaper me and take care of me.

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    My wife lets me do my fantasy once in a while. My fantasy is having a mommy/ babysitter that would check and change my diapers. Then feed me some baby food, bottle of milk, or breast feed. Let me watch cartoons and play with my cars and trucks, but would also play games and stuff with me as well. A mommy/babysitter that holds me while I have my blanket around me with me holding my stuff animal. Maybe a timeout or something if I do a naughty thing or not do what I am ask or told to do. That is my fantasy in a summar.

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    I would like to have a total control on my body and for example shout down blader control and easyli switch from being fully potty train to being unable to hold, and then i would llike to become AB/DL being totaly aceptable and popular amongs society so i could go in diaper every where without any hasitation.

    Have a nice day

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    To have the ability to physically regress into a toddler at will and go "full baby" whenever I want to--and of course have a mommy to take care of me while regressed.

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