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Thread: Caught two weeks ago.

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    Default Caught two weeks ago.

    I had been buying diapers and hiding them since February. Started out with Goodnites and then I wanted to try the baby diapers (I'm like REALLY tiny). I bought them on my free time between my classes Mondays and Wednesdays (I had over an hour between them). I usually walk over to the Publix or Target near the college to buy or just look around the store to have something to do.

    So anyway, it was Wednesday. The day before, I had almonds for a snack and spaghetti for dinner. I was constipated, so after some epsom salts and alka-seltzer, I was holed up in my room . My mom checked up on me, and asked how I was doing. Then she saw a diaper in the trashbin. She asked if it was mine and I said yes. She went into my closet and looked around in it, finding the diapers and wipes. My mom asked me where I got the diapers and if I was having accidents. I told the truth and said they were mine and that I liked wearing them sometimes and wasn't having accidents. I had to go to the bathroom, so later we restarted the conversation. I told the truth.

    My mom asked me why I liked wearing / how / where did I read it. I can't really explain it that well, but I guess she's okay with it. She didn't flip out, she just seemed concerned. I don't know if my dad knows about it and how he would react. I don't even know if my brother knows.

    That's my story of getting caught. It wasn't so bad, just embarrassing.

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    Small tip for throwing out diapers: In your garbage can, place a plastic shopping bag underneath the bag that lines the can, and put your diapers in there. When you're ready to throw them out, tie the bag and place inside the other bag with the rest of your trash.

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    I had it inside a plastic shopping bag, but it was inside of the bag that lines the can, just scrunched up. Thanks for the tip. When I was in the Spring term of College, I would store the used diapers in a plastic shopping bag in my backpack and throw them away in between class. If it smelled in the backpack or trash, I sprayed some Febreze.

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    You just threw your diapers in the trash and were surprised that your mom saw it?

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    I live alone and just throw in trash usually covering them with something else over the top so if anyone one stops bye they dont see them, at times i forget walk by and there in plain view. im guessing my mom knows after 17 years living at home when i was younger wearing and hiding them in my bedroom but she has never said anything!!! sounds like we both have great moms!!!

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    I think being 27 makes a big difference. She's certainly wise enough to know that at 27, you are in control of your own life. I got caught by my mom when I was 22, and she sent me to a psychiatrist, but I had some other serious problems, so that made some difference. Even so, she didn't support it at all, and so I stopped wearing until I moved out that fall, starting my first job after college.

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