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Thread: Preferred panty color...?

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    Default Preferred panty color...?

    I used to buy panties in most any pastel girly color. Lately I find myself leaning heavily toward white only. As long as they are silky and stretchy feeling. So, do you prefer a single color, certain shades, or...???

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    Pastel, flowers, lace. All things I am typically drawn to

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    I like the pinks, but I have a number of white or black. I wear the white or black most of the time. If someone catches a glimpse of the pink, they may think something. With white or black, I don't think anyone would notice. (I know I really shouldn't care about people seeing the pink, but I do.)

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    Why "PINKS" of course and the louder "NEON" the better - if you are going to wear panties you want to be seen !

    OK maybe a bit of over enthusiasm - White is fine - pastels are great - and then there are the navy blue and black ones when you just want to blend in when wearing short skirts/dresses.

    Now of course this topic is about PANTIES and not DIAPERS - but then diapers come in colors but not so much of a variation.
    It is the diaper COVERS that highlight the color spectrum with ruffles - frills and lace just like PANTIES do.

    It is one thing to wear form fitting PANTIES (underwear) that mold to the body so the only concern is the VPL (Visible Panty Line) but the real jazzy classy stuff is the Square Dance Panties.
    With all the ruffles and frills pushing out and up on the skirt makes for quite a show - better accentuated when a broad beam petticoat causing a TUTU effect on the hem line.

    You can be exciting and colorful as you want to be !

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    I like pinks, blues. Also have some prints to match my bras.

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    Well if your a lil girl then it pastel pink if your a lil boy baby blue. And for baby girls its pink or yellow with ruffles aka rumba panties

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    While I have a decent variety, I have these dark blue ones with pastel-like "outerspace" features and a small light green bow at the front, just love em

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    I like pink panties for sure. I do wear different colors though and striped. But pink is my favorite color.

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    Most of my panties are white with different pastel colored trim around them. I do have a blue and few pink pairs too. I wouldn't mind having more of a variety though like red, black, green, etc.

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    My current favourite pair of plastic pants are see through with three rows of thrills on the rear.
    I also have others in white, blue, regular clear, clear with ducks, white with characters and a pair of white with terry lining...........I do love my plastic pants lol

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