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    Red face Hello all!

    Hello everyone, from Melbourne Australia here.

    I am an author, 37 years of age, recently moved to Melbourne (permanently, I might add) from New Zealand.

    I am a life-long lover of AB and have always wanted to have a little to call my own, but have never really been in the "scene" so to speak.

    From my expeirnece in the D/s community, I would have to say that I am more Dom than sub, but things always change.

    Again, hello to everyone here!


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    Good Evening (My time here in Salem, New Hampshire, USA),

    Glad you could drop by and join us. I am an "Adult Baby"/"Little" who in real life has both Autism (Asperger's Syndrome) and Cerebral Palsy.

    I am a 24/7 medically incontinent "diaper wearer/user".

    I am "retired" from employment and age 56.

    My "adult side" likes Electronics and Amateur Astronomy.

    With my "Little" side, I enjoy my toy cars and trucks, and my NERF Toy Guns.

    On here, I am "caitianx", because I will admit to being a Trekkie (into Star Trek), but in real life, my friends in the Autism and Cerebral Palsy disability communities call me "Woody".

    Anyway, "G'Day Mate!!!!!"


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    Hello and welcome. I too am a writer and am in the the process of launching my first novel. I'm a musician by profession and enjoy getting out into the great outdoors.

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