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Thread: I Got My First Pair of Plastic Pants Today!

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    Default I Got My First Pair of Plastic Pants Today!

    Ever since I could remember I have wanted to order some plastic. Every time I saw them in the catalog I was interested, but never purchased because since nobody knew my secret I was afraid I would just end up throwing them away to avoid getting caught. Now that I have ADISK and told my SO, I am able to start to enjoy life to the fullest.
    So I got the Gary No-Wick in my size xs from Driwear. My tracking info came in as Fetwear. So I had to go check at USPS to track for a couple days until I got them. My 11 year old usually gets the mail, so I was waiting for the mail today and she went back to her books when she saw me getting it. The package was small and discreet, but a little bulky for a letter, so I opened and ducked into the garage. Threw out the plastic packaging in there. It said DW instead of DriWear on it so nothing to hide. They looked pretty huge for a little girl like me, but when I put them on, they fit really nice. I am feeling sweaty since I only have underwear and a thin insert underneath, so I do appreciate that I am not dependent on them. Hopefully they keep me dryer when I really need them and I just use something else when I am more active. I think for lighter times just in case I do not make it in time I will use my Tena brief cloth pants. I made them by removing the SAP so now they are washable and light. I just add however much padding I need and enjoy. So that has worked out pretty well. I like how light they feel. After washing a few times they can start to sag so not recommended for high padding amounts while walking around. I save my tops from control top pantyhose to cut down on sags but this solution only works with light padding.
    So I am looking forward to wearing these new pants all night tonight and see how I feel about them tomorrow. I will update then.

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    maybe from years back (and the use of cloth before adult disposables exclusively), the plastic/vinyl/rubber was needed for waterproofing. full stop.
    thus, to me, the plastic completed the ensemble and still does. happy you finally got them.

    yes, they add heat.....tho with thick padding under, it may not be quite that bad. also, even with disposables, plastic and other cover does prevent wicking and leaks and can/does
    hold the bulky padding up and snug to some extent. yes, they do add bulk. side snaps on plastic/vinyls do assist with some venting days, but are not always a good idea for those
    of you who are 'side sleepers'. more stretchy rubber or latex pants can snug things up markedly, but can be difficult to put on/remove. looser fitting rubber bloomers provide
    wide area cover, but not a lot of snugging a diaper (cloth or disposable) needs to be well fastened or held in place by an porous product such as lycra/spandex.

    it's an option. if you don't like plastic, don't wear it. for me, personally, the advantages tend to outweigh the down sides. and...I like them, wearing them and seeing them on
    a female partner or knowing they are present to give her added protection, security, and/or enjoyment. just my preference, for both need and recreational reasons, and has remained
    so over the years. works for me; may or may not work for you.

    I've seen arguments played out on this over and over, here and elsewhere. both sides, pro and con, have valid points. YOU choose. some use plastic at all times, others on occasion and some
    avoid it totally.

    fair enough?

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    Well, I got my first cloth diaper today, so I guess now I need some plastic pants haha!

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    Gotta love your first pair of plastic pants

    I remember waiting for an Ebay packet containing my first pair to arrive through my letterbox, in fact I bought a pair of plastic pants before buying adult disposables/cloth nappies.

    Whilst my first ones were nt brilliant quality (think carrier bag with added elastic) finding specialist online AB/DL shops like CosyNDry has meant my plastic pant collection has grown over the last 8 years.
    My current favourites are a clear pair with three rows of frills on the bum and maybe they are not as essential over Tena slips but they will always complete the look/feel for me

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    Those sound adorable! Wish I could make my own and decorate it myself, but they would probably leak.

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    Update: Yesterday afternoon I worked for 5 hours straight. I had on my plastic with several layers of cloth underneath. The plastic helped really relax me. I just put it on and then did not have to worry about anything for a while. I decided to try some potty untraining so I was going to pee every 30 minutes. It worked out great and I was so relaxed that I sometimes peed more often. After two hours I felt a little dampness so I changed my padding and went right on wetting. I worked for 5 hours, so by the end of shift I had been wearing an additional 3 hours. I was pretty wet, but it felt great. I did not have any wetness outside the plastic.
    After work I took it all off and washed everything in the sink. Then I went bare 2-3 hours before getting heavily padded down for the night. I went to the potty during that time every 30 minutes as I had been using the diaper on that schedule. So I laid in bed a couple more hours following the schedule, but I was so well padded that I couldn't even tell I was wet since I had just been peeing in small amounts. So I woke up this morning after about 5 1/2 hours of sleep. I was still pretty much dry. I did not feel like I had to go, but it was 30 minutes before my alarm goes off so I figure not having wet in 5 hours contributed to waking me. Once I was awake enough to realize I was still dry, and probably needed to pee, I closed my eyes, and relaxed. It was not long until I had on a nice wet diaper. It feels awesome. The smoothness of the bulging plastic is pleasant to me and the bed is 100% dry. This will boost my confidence and hopefully I get to sleep in them all night wet soon.
    These are soft enough that they do not really crinkle, but they will make soft sounds like if I rub my clothes against them intentionally. They are quiet enough for sleep and for going out in my opionion, just a little sweaty for when I am active in a warmer non air conditioned environment.

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    Pants doing what they should do keeping your clothes dry

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