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Thread: Anyone get this sleeper? Looks cute

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    I just ordered it. I'll let u know what I think. The buttons will make it possible to change my diaper without completely disrobing so I have high hopes.

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    That's so crying out for a nice large diaper to be showing underneath

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    Those are very similar to the Aw So Cute ones in polar fleece. That one in terry should be a lot cooler for warmer weather.
    I've got the Aw So Cute one, but beware of the plastic snaps.

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    I've always been a bigger fan of the onsie design without the legs. That being said though if I had that kind of money to burn I'd buy it it's super adorable. On a side not I thin I finally found that dragon costume Ninja Sex party used in their videos.

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    I have both that and the one from AwwSoCute. I actually think the one from AwwSoCute is cooler as it's thinner. Normally I can't actually sleep through the night in a sleeper without overheating and needing to tear it off in the middle of the night, but AwwSoCute was an exception to that.

    I also find that the AwwSoCute runs a bit smaller in size than the one from JumpinJammerz (which as someone who is tall but thin, works better for me)

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    I am wearing one right now. I love it! The feet are sturdy, and it is a little cooler than traditional footed sleepers. And, of course, they are very cute and have lots of room for thick diapers!

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    They are very cute. I think I am too claustrophobic of them since I wore mine as a kid too long and the shoulders got too tight. My mom makes those and gave us one, but I gave it to my daughter. I never even tried it on.

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    I'd love something like that. Unfortunately, all I have now is onesie modeled after a cow. I'd totally love to own more though! Starting with something like that. Hopefully I will some day when I'm living independantly.

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