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Thread: When someone knocks on the door -

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    Default When someone knocks on the door -

    This particular question is aimed at the people who stay home alone when their parents or guardians are out of the house.

    When someone knocks on the door and it's not someone you're expecting, what do you do? Any scary/creepy encounters?

    Share your stories.

    I abide by my mom's rules and never open the door when someone knocks. Although I look through the two little windows on the top of the door upstairs to see who it is. We have occasionally have solicitors go door-to-door in our neighborhood during the afternoon, and I never answer.

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    It's rare, but when it does happen, it's usually a package and I'll leave it until they're gone and then I pick it up.

    One time it was raining, so I ran outside and met the guy halfway so he didn't have to walk the entire way and back.

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    It usually never happens...I don't even remember the last time it happened, so I can't say what I would do

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    I answer the door. Our front one is a wooden door with a glass window in it, then probably about 1.5m out further is a metal gate. So I can easily see who's at the door, and when I open it they are a good distance away behind a metal gate. No problems really.

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    I open the door? I mean, if it's late at night I might not, but my front door is almost always open in the summer, so they'd see me if I saw them anyways.

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    From the time I was 15, if I didn't know the person, I'd slap on my paddle holster and keep it in view when I answered the door. Never had any problems for some reason...

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    For those of us out on our own --

    Anyone have any neighbors that are just plain ANNOYING?!

    I have this mom and son that live in the same apartments that I do. They are absolutely insane. The mother sends the son over to ask for ridiculous things: "My mom wants to talk to you .." "OKAY?! THEN WHY DOESN'T SHE COME OUT OF THE APARTMENT?!"

    One time she claimed that there was a noise above her ceiling fan. I went up and she tried to get me to come in, I was like NO WAY. I told her maybe it was a bat. She was like, "This time of year??" (Damn, it was winter.) Then I told her it was perhaps a squirrel taking shelter and to call the landlord. She told me she already called them -- what?!? Then why are you bugging me?

    Phew. Anywho -- what do I do when someone knocks? If it's BRANDON (the son) I usually just tiptoe away and wait until he leaves.

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    I Generally ignore it, but It's a pretty rare occurrence where I live.

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    Unless it's a delivery guy I just wait until they leave, because I hate talking to solicitors.

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    i can see the people's backs from my window (4 feet away) so i can see who it is.

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