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    Default intro...FINALLY!

    Hi all, this is my first intro to a site like this so here it goes...
    First off I'm 21 and have been into this fetish for as long as I remember, I really started to realize that liked diapers though around the time when puberty hit. My profile says AB/DL but I would say that my DL side is a lot stronger than the AB.
    IRL stuff:
    I'm a full time college student that works part time. I still live at home, which makes hiding this diaper interest challenging at times. My college major is Wastewater Treatment, which is ironic, literally. On my free time I mostly play World of Warcraft, go drinking with friends, modify cars, or just chill watching tv.
    If you have any questions let me know

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    Hello chaz128 and welcome to the group.

    I belonged to the same sacred fraternity as you are in MHFR (Mama had a free room). There is nothing wrong with that will you are in school.

    Again welcome to the group.

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    I toured a WWTP once. What a process! Sometimes even the smell going by it, albeit a sulfurous smell, can even be strong. A strong nose and stomach is required for that profession. Welcome to the show!

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    Welcome! I am 99% DL and only 1% AB myself. LOL. I have been hiding since I was in grade school, so I have many years of experience.

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